The Biggest Electronic “olympic Games” Sinoces Offer A Platform

tags Worldwide Monetary Soon after the crisis, CES, CeBIT electronics exhibition shows such as the United States and Europe exhibitors, spectators and the trend of declining quantity of new goods. The proximity to China’s swiftly increasing consumer electronics market, China’s Customer Electronics Show SINOCES professional has turn into a worldwide consumer electronics companies competing to compete in the electronic “

Olympics Will be. “As the Eastern Hemisphere’s biggest Consumer Electronics Show, SINOCES not only for the worldwide consumer electronics companies to offer the very best display and exchange platform, but also for the consumer electronics sector, China’s technological innovation and industrial upgrading has offered an crucial impetus.

Electronics Show in Europe and America seasoned the “three little” dilemma

Last month on the 6th, the annual CeBIT in Hannover, Germany ended the theme of this exhibition ConnectedWorld (that is connected to the planet), a extensive show of the quantity of IT, house and office

Communicate Options in the field of innovation, the major target group is from the sector, the wholesale and retail, trade, banking,

Service Sector, government agencies, analysis institutes of customers and technology enthusiasts.

It is reported that this exhibition covers nine key regions of industrial technology, extensive display of the cross-market innovations, the newest trends and cutting-edge technologies. Theme exhibitions contain: Industrial Automation Show

Power Development, energy plant technology development, hybrid drive and power mobile storage technology improvement, development of coil technology, digital

Chemical business Plant improvement, industrial elements and sub-contracting technical development, micro-system technology development and analysis and technology development.

Though the CeBIT exhibition themes and settings reflect the existing consumer electronics industry’s newest trends, but are visible in the embarrassment of its size shrunk. It reported net bubble compared with preceding years, a considerable reduction in the size of this year’s CeBIT, there have been fewer consumers, fewer exhibitors, focused significantly less “three little” scenario. Of these, less than 2009 exhibitors are much more than 150.

There is not only shrinking CeBIT, the biggest U.S. customer electronics show CES scale dropped considerably. It is reported to participate in this year’s CES exhibitors and a lower of 8% compared to last year. In reality, in order to promote sustainable improvement show, CES organizers made a special Las Vegas Convention Center opened in 20 markets for a specific technology location, a complete display of electronic books, the Web present, so the most recent robot technologies.

At the show, Intel, AMD and other IT vendors show the most current processing technology,

Samsung , Lenovo, LG and other companies are also displaying a quantity of new solution lines, a lot of small and medium sized businesses also exhibited remarkable new cool

Digital Items. Even then, CES has been two consecutive years even though the number of exhibitors and guests down the predicament, Europe and the United States Customer Electronics Show fell into the size of the “vicious circle.”

CES’s organizer, the Customer Electronics Association President and CEO Gary Shapiro (GaryShapiro), mentioned China’s financial development is the world’s fastest technologies firms in the planet regard the eyes of each and every to invest in China. As a result, Gary believes that the international consumer electronics market, “Possibilities in the East.”

China to host the Consumer Electronics “Olympics”

Financial crisis on the global consumer electronics business had a tremendous influence, Europe and the United States and other developed nations have shrunk the marketplace demand, China has grow to be the world’s customer electronics organization recovery “engine.” As the Eastern Hemisphere’s biggest Customer Electronics Show, SINOCES global customer electronics organizations competing to compete in the arena.

According SIONCES organizing committee, the breeze from the current investment scenario, the global consumer electronics firms participating common improvement initiative, HP, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Haier, Hisense and other international electronics giants have scheduled booth, Microsoft, Intel , Cisco and other U.S. IT organizations have also expressed a clear intention participants. Exhibitors is anticipated to scale up much more than ten% over last year, a new record high.

To play much better barometer of the international customer electronics market, role, SINOCES establishment of property appliances to the countryside last year, 3G, e-commerce, right after the three main exhibition, this year’s exhibition will be set up a lot of attributes, has already identified, which includes government procurement, 3 networks integration, low-carbon power in 10 themed galleries, speed up by way of the exhibition of these characteristics, exhibitors of new products, new technology progress in China’s industry.

To strengthen trade possibilities, this year’s SINOCES integrated international VIP purchasers, the domestic chain and overseas getting groups and other standard sales channels, but also invited a lot more than 300 channels, 23 national enterprise, eBay, Alibaba, and so forth. more than ten giant net-based procurement, the total quantity of buyers reached far more than 700 far more than final year, almost 20%. At the exact same time, SINOCES also unique organization of the International Fair for VIP purchasers of eight field Sourcing Fair, actually exhibitors and purchasers in the provide and demand docking.

In the exhibition forum, 2010SINOCES organizing market far more than 30 fields of higher-level forum and invited Sony, Panasonic, Cisco and other business giants of the relevant leaders of the speech, SINOCES Forum has become a higher-end customer electronics forward-thinking position. In addition, SINOCES leaders will be invited to the relevant government departments to interpret China policy, a international consumer electronics companies access to China’s industrial dynamics of the very best “window.”

Business analysis, strong consumer electronics marketplace in China hinterland as nicely as powerful government support, SINOCES following a lot of years of expert operation, has turn into a global customer electronics industry’s biggest multinational procurement platform, the most recent technologies publishing platform and the highest level platform for the sector to accelerate the domestic and foreign industrial technologies, market and other exchanges of details, decreasing the price of industrial chain interaction, a international consumer electronics sector, an integral component of the chain.