The Advantages of Hydroponic Strawberries


The word hydroponics come from the Greek words hydro which means water and ponos meaning labor and is a method of expanding plants in water with out soil. The science of hydroponic gardening is not a new invention, it is very old. Hydroponics in fact has its roots in ancient civilizations. There is even study to suggest that the Hanging Gardens in ancient Babylon utilised hydroponic technology.

Fast forward to today where hydroponic technology has sophisticated to the point of being almost entirely automated. With the advent of personal computer automation technology, water pumps, and new developing mediums regular folks can develop hydroponic vegetables in their backyards or commercial farmers can grow thousands of plants with nearly the same methods.

One particular crop that has benefited from hydroponic technology is the strawberry and for a couple of factors. This is good news for all those people who like to consume strawberries. Employing a conventional soil based approach to develop strawberries on a large scale forces farmers to use a damaging pesticide known as Methyl Bromide. Because a hydroponic technique does not contain any soil there are no soil born illnesses or pests which eliminates the want to sue toxic herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides which damage the atmosphere creating this strategy more eco friendly. For this cause farmers all through the planet are moving into hydroponic gardening in a big way which is good news for the atmosphere.

Some other cause that a lot more farmers than ever are expanding hydroponic strawberries:

1. The hydroponic method can be set up to elevate the strawberry plants so that the fruit hangs down for simple selecting. The strawberry getting elevated eliminates the issue of the fruit rotting since it is sitting in the soil

2. The systems can also be developed vertically to boost the quantity of strawberry plants for the space which is great for urban locations where space is very limited.

three. Considering that there is not a need to have to use harsh toxic chemical compounds in the production, the strawberries finish up tasting far better and are not dangerous to the environment they had been grown in or to the individual that is eating the.

4. There is a greater yield when developing strawberries hydroponically even without the use of pesticides.

5. When grown in greenhouses or indoors using artificial light farmers are able to develop strawberries all year which allows them to make cash even for the duration of the winter.

For all the reasons listed above far more men and women, whether or not they are commercial or hobby farmers, are discovering the joys of hydroponic gardening.