The 7th China (chongqing) International Medical Gear Fair – Health-related Devices – Medical Devices

tags Start time: 2010-09-09 Finish time: 2010-09-11 Venue: Chongqing Exhibition Center Get in touch with: Chu are Get in touch with Phone: 023-62986633 Sponsored by: Neighborhood Well being Association of Chongqing, Chongqing Institute of Medical Instrument Exhibition Co., Ltd. Chongqing Yu-hsin

Sponsor: New Exhibition Co., Ltd. Chongqing rain
Show Overview: “Couple of new healthcare exhibition” From 2004 to develop healthcare, held each and every fall to Chongqing as the center of influence spread to the western area, to attain “a better term than the term” the Workplace will method the year 2010 we will in enhancing the exhibition grade, improved domestic and foreign effectively-recognized exhibitors and expert visitors organization and devote greater work to invite a lot more participation in business organizations continue to accumulate knowledge in exhibition, ideal conclusion to the majority of exhibitors, exhibitors and guests to supply a lot more solutions . In addition to inviting visitors in Chongqing city, but also strongly invited to Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan provinces and cities about the visitors to discuss the healthcare industry, and outside guests for the city to supply cost-free accommodation for them to keep, reimbursement fare, providing data such as the Common Assembly Services (Please spend interest to Show Every day)

Organization and promotion exhibition visitors 1, in order to ensure guests of this exhibition organization in place, the organizing committee specially set up exhibition promotional and customer service department, have a designated department responsible for promotion of this show, the audience is invited to the expert, client service, etc. connected work reliable organizational guarantee for success is to show the foundation. Crucial Audience: Chongqing, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan and Hubei provinces and cities around the head of the hospital at all levels, gear section, and specialists such as community service stations, township hospitals, clinics and other medical institutes, equipment dealers, Proxy Business.

two, held in conjunction with conference organizers to make certain the quality of skilled visitors: Chongqing Municipal Association of far more than 500 neighborhood well being care agencies, members of various districts and counties of Chongqing Municipality and the President, and in charge of the community, Deputy Secretary for Overall health , community leaders Chongqing City health-related equipment more than 400 members of the Institute, members: the main counties of Chongqing Municipality and head of the hospital, equipment section, the function of the organizers of the Conference will be held to make certain the specialist top quality of the visitors.

three, a huge sweepstakes system: organizing committee will print thousands of copies of tickets and invitations, by means of Cooperation Association, the Society the expert media business letters and other channels to the widest range of distribution, invited the audience to the relevant business experts will visit.

four, nicely-designed electronic invitation exhibition will show the procedure and dynamic exhibition developed electronic newsletter, delivered via the network to the widest range of specialist clients in the hands, invite professional buyers to check out.

5, and domestic and international specialist media related industries (like various professional magazines, newspapers, sites, and so forth.) became publicity Union to show the complete promotion, sector forums, conferences and other types highlights of this exhibition, attracting relevant business specialist purchasers to pay a visit to.

six, select the component of the country’s most influential mass media and marketing this exhibition selective introduction of a quantity of outside advertising, growing the exhibition of social influence, to attract some visitors to go to.

7, by the authority with relevant business associations, find out to cooperate, at the annual exhibition held at the same sector, market forums, conferences and other authoritative series of activities to attract the professional audience participation of the industry visited the exhibition at the very same time.

eight, by participating in this exhibition the exhibitors company channel, will invite expert purchasers to check out in the promotion and solutions to assistance and encourage the exhibitors in a variety of sorts of technological exchange, new conferences and other related activities to attract guests to go to.

9, by the exhibition to promote the Division of Consumer Solutions by phone, fax, e-mail invitation and important consumers to visit people in the type will again invite skilled purchasers to pay a visit to and give facilities for specialist purchasers, specialist visitors will be Merchants with the exhibition and reception invitation to equal remedy, to improve visitors to check out the exhibition of enthusiasm.