The 1st Section Tianjian The Productive Conclusion Of The International Hardware Procurement –

tags Decorative materials Chamber of Commerce, International SME Trade Development Union co-sponsored by the Guangdong city hosted the 1st Tianjian decorative hardware procurement Tianjian International Festival on September 21 ended effectively. Procurement section of this city in Guangdong Tianjian decorating a new phase of the project?? International hardware acquire center when it opened, attracting a massive number of domestic and foreign buyers and buyers to go to the procurement. According to organizers of Statistics, the procurement section in the 3 days, a total of a lot more than 800 kinds of creating supplies enterprises in this exhibition Pavilion region of 180 thousand square meters, exhibits contain decorative hardware, furnishings hardware, tools, hardware, abrasives, glue, stickers, wood plywood, chemical coating, aluminum ceiling, a dozen categories such as building components. Much more than 10,000 varieties of goods on show to accomplish turnover of nearly 100 million yuan, which accounted for 28% of foreign trade transactions. Visitors, purchasers and customers obtain far more than men and women, the initial impact of the procurement section of the formation, with the opening of an international procurement center hardware and procurement sections of the success, Mr Heng decorative city is towards a new period of improvement.

Tianjian International Hardware Procurement Festival opening ceremony

Procurement section of the opening ceremony of welcome all guests

Procurement festival, organizers also held a “strategic partnership opening ceremony”, “United Nations Procurement and the U.S. government procurement Promotion”, “International Creating Components Trade Summit dialogue”, “Group Purchase launch” “press Thanks and Award Ceremony” and several other extremely successful supporting activities. Greatly enriched the content of the procurement section.

Opening ceremony of the international hardware obtain center

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Basic manager Liang Jinan City, Guangdong Tianjian decoration, said they program to hold third annual International Hardware procurement Tianjian sessions, and Spring Fair, Autumn Fair and Exhibition held in conjunction with PBL in July. Guangdong Developing Supplies business efforts to generate a new card.