TF2 Class Guide – The Engineer


This amiable, soft-spoken excellent ol’ boy from tiny Bee Cave, Texas loves barbecue, guns, and higher education. Organic curiosity, ten years as a roughneck in the west Texas oilfields, and eleven tough science PhDs have trained him to style, build and repair a variety of deadly contraptions.

The Engineer is the most defensive class in the game, whilst he only has three really generic weapons, his energy comes from his ability to build Sentry guns, Dispensers and Teleporters.

When a Sentry gun is placed it will fire at any enemy that comes into range, it can be upgraded three levels by hitting it with your wrench, the third level sentry is extremely deadly and any enemy who walks into its path will face a particular death.

With the use of Sentry guns you can efficiently shut off particular components of the map, if you maintain a Dispenser close to you gun you can fend off most enemy attacks by repairing your gun while receiving continuous overall health and metal from your dispenser. Sentry placement is really essential, if you put it in a very open space then your enemies will be in a position to see it and take it out although out of its firing variety. Place your Sentry in confined spaces, about corners on ledges anyplace that your opponent will have to place them self in the Sentries line of fire in order to try and take it out. If your Sentry is taking a huge quantity of fire and you know you can not cease it becoming destroyed BAIL there is no point what so ever staying there and dieing, whilst they are concentrating on destroying your sentry you can escape and set up another one. The Sentries are not your little children do not be afraid to let them be destroyed, you can usually set up an additional 1.

The Engineer is most likely one of the least common classes to be yet they are arguably the most essential, as a defensive Engineer you will not be the top of the point sheet, have the most kills or obtain the praise you deserve. But with out you there your defensive would crumble its all about the job satisfaction. One more stunning point about the Engineer is the ability to place teleporters, if you spot a teleporter deep inside your opponents base then your team will have a much better foothold to launch effective attacks. You could also spot your Teleporter exit next to your Intel/Control Point to assist get back and defend if the want arises.

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Just simply because you aren’t the strongest class in the game does not not imply you are entirely defenseless without having your sentry. Your weapons are relatively generic yet when utilised appropriately they are really potent, use your shotgun on close range enemies and pistol them if they attempt to escape at about medium variety and if you get the possibility use your wrench it is quite powerful.
When most enemies are attempting to destroy your sentry it is fine to just hide and fix it with your sentry, but if a demoman comes and starts firing stickies then this is no longer a choice but it does not have to be the end for your Sentry. Charge at your enemy shotgun him, wrench him it is a lot tougher to destroy a sentry when there is an engineer coming at you you may possibly kill him your self or you may possibly make him go into the sentries line of fire. You can do this to all your enemies, the likelihood of them destroying your sentry is significantly significantly less if they have you to deal with as well, just don’t get too Gung-ho since if you die your sentry will be simple pickings.

What I’ve described is your standard Engineer approach but it is not the only method. Some Engineers like to continuously modify exactly where they place their Sentry’s and move them every single couple of kills to keep their opponent on the back foot. Some only use their Sentry’s as distractions and will kill their opponent themselves. Develop your personal playing style there are no genuine tough and quickly rules.

Spy’s Sappin’ My Sentry!

As an Engineer you Nemesis is the Spy. The Spy has the potential to disguise himself as 1 of your group-mates, due to this capacity when disguised the Spy can simply steer clear of Sentry guns. They also have a sapper which when placed on any of your buildings stops them from operating and saps their well being. Sappers can only be removed by hitting them with your wrench this leaves you vulnerable to a knife amongst the shoulder blades, what a spy wants you to do when sapping your buildings is for you to ignore him and attempt and destroy his sappers, if you play along with his game in the finish he will win. So rather you see a Spy sap 1 of your buildings hit him with your wrench instead you will typically have adequate time to kill the Spy and destroy the sapper and if not who cares you can always create yet another one. It is a benefit as an Engineer to be paranoid, shoot every person in case their a spy, keep your back against a wall, never stand still when upgrading or healing buildings.

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