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Editor’s note: Although the existing tile wood, bamboo imitation, imitation Gyrosigma, silk, fake wallpaper, imitation fabrics, linen fabrics, imitation Leather Nearly absolutely nothing is imitation, in 2009 in the rustic tiles is very popular, this trend to continue in 2010. To Marco Polo, the Nobel, the Mona Lisa and other representatives of the classic antique style ceramic tile, ceramic tile surface polished kind deliberately irregular edges, resulting in the appearance right after years of erosion, develop a sense of history and all-natural feeling. 1st, low-carbon, green, Environmental protection Will turn out to be the mainstream

2010 years of walls, to tile improvement except in color, pattern, texture and other visual effects to continue to improve, the environmental protection and wellness in the improvement of increasingly functional, meeting the Copenhagen Climate Conference, advocacy and low-carbon life Chinese environmental health consciousness, well being stone, antibacterial tiles, photocatalyst ceramic tiles, ceramic tile, and other new high-tech environmental protection anion tile will be the concentrate of focus.

two, Fang Shi, and three-dimensional effect is nonetheless the mainstream

2010 imitation stone merchandise sell quite common, these imitation stone products superior overall performance and texture of stone, the visual impact is quite realistic, gives folks the perception of natural elegance. This trend will continue and by 2010, largely in the next couple of years will be the mainstream, to Hing-fai location of ceramic tiles introduced an epoch-making product, “Stone Cube” Series, for instance, operation block fabric technology, fixed-point Granulation Technology, lithofacies fission technology, 3-dimensional melt infiltration approach, 5 main cleaning crystallization technologies to redefine the tiles, start the “third-generation tiles” of the innovation market place. The item distance, related to the National Natatorium “Water Cube” appear, and if plants of the cell wall close to tours. 3-dimensional simulation of massive Marble mechanism to accomplish prime outcomes, the all-natural stone to restore the real charm. Jade green physique of exquisitely carved crystal, emitting a noble and not reserved, sophisticated qualities of jade is not kitsch.

Learned that the “block cube” fabric technologies is likely to be a breakthrough technology tiles Fang Shi, a enormous linear texture texture as an important symbol of transition and will market the production of the tiles in the field of deep-seated revolution, then the industry will end the tiles to alter the solution layout.

Now a lot of tile companies are consistently imitating a variety of stone, jade and other materials to introduce new products, such as Dongpeng the launch of the Na Funa hole ceramic stone, clear that a new item texture, color and soft, slightly much more classical taste, yet another stone texture.

3, antique style is not outdated Though the wood tiles

now, imitation bamboo, imitation Gyrosigma, silk, fake wallpaper, imitation fabrics, linen fabrics, imitation leather, almost nothing at all is imitation, in 2009 in the rustic tiles is fairly common, this momentum to continue in 2010. By Marco Polo, the Nobel, the Mona Lisa and other representatives of the traditional rustic style ceramic tiles, ceramic tile surface grinding deliberately formed irregular edges, causing the appearance following years of erosion, produce a sense of history and natural feeling.

Reasonably classic antique brick, antique brick whole physique is the use of specific materials and new porcelain enamel decoration procedure, the preservation of conventional higher art of antique brick classic style taste of the city the complete glow of style trendy unlimited, superior surface texture of vibrant color Also taste full. Like Douglas, Marco Polo, l &amp d, gold antique Italian ceramic tiles and other complete body will continue to sell well in 2010.