Technology – The Death of a Salesman


New doors for reaching out to consumers are opening every day on the internet.  Networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace (to name a few) are making possibilities for salespeople to attain out to new consumers to “pitch” their item or service.  Even though these technological advancements could be the new frontier for organization marketing and advertising, salesmanship is rapidly becoming extinct.   I have dealt with salespeople for over 20 years and each and every time I see one struggling it does not take extended to uncover out why.  Most of us that are involved in sales realize the quite basic premise of obtaining in front of your clients.  An old saying that I like is an email is greater than doing practically nothing, a phone call is better than an e-mail, but a handshake is the best way to safe enterprise. 

Salesmanship is not effortless, and surely not for the timid.  Yet you will uncover sales departments in each business spending far more and a lot more time on the web farming for organization, and less time out pounding the pavement.  That is since the timid salesperson has a security net beneath their office chair. Being rejected in an email is effortless, you hit “delete” you make up some excuse pertaining to how “crazy’ the potential consumer is for not contemplating you and you move on to your next e mail, properly following taking a little break to check the baseball scores from final evening or the newest style trends.

Is the World wide web the Death of the Salesman? In numerous cases yes, but technologies is not to blame. Those in sales that dedicate a massive portion of their time farming for net consumers and do not spend attention to the value of a telephone contact and face to face will not take pleasure in the achievement that a talented salesperson who understands how essential creating relationships is.

Take a close appear at your organization, particularly your sales departments. Are your salespeople sitting in front of a client or their monitor most of the time? My ideal salespeople have been the ones that I often can not get hold of, or take a long time to respond to an e-mail I sent. That is due to the fact they are busy!

Yes, there undoubtedly are many accomplishment stories on utilizing the net to develop enterprise just the exact same as you will locate people that meet on the net and eventually get married. But bear in mind, even these that met on the net and got married sooner or later met face to face to “close the deal”.