Technology That Kills Million

tags You should be considering, I am going to bore you speaking about Nuclear Bomb or destructive weapons that are developed on war footing. Think me some of easy common use IT tools are getting considerably bigger damage then any of these weapons.

Info technology thats revolutionized entire world and our life style. You look about you will find yourself surrounded by 1 or a lot of product of IT. Each of these products uses some short of Challenging ware and Application. I am a great admirer of Bill gate and the way Microsoft did spread its own empire. But as a matter of fact, Microsofts innovation and aggression to be only source began creating unintentional uses of rread more

Open source evolved as an option for Microsoft. Initially all sort of news propaganda etc was spread behind viability of open supply notion. But with time and due to industry dynamics, slowly and steadily folks did not only accepted Open Supply but started considering about the way Microsoft must turn its own method to keep away from evaporation.

Open supply development encouraged a lot of solution development. Specially Joomla Internet Improvement, Drupal Improvement Solutions, WordPress development, ecommerce development , Php Improvement Service and some important organization decisions like Offshore web development, Application Outsourcing has a huge influence on general development and development of whole IT arena.

For sure it seems all excellent and flying in correct direction. It seems this technology is creating human becoming a super advance Robot. Robot, who can do any thing but cant feel, cant have feelings. Dont like to mingle? It may well look like a single sided view. I do aware some of my close friends will challenge me saying social web sites are providing a wonderful chance to interact with people across globe like never before.

I do comprehend your view point. But to understand its actual impact we require to take a step back. Is it the human you like to enjoy, who is full of machine and gadget? For positive you will say no, not at all. To know far more

I see the road ahead is lying someplace in in between its not 4D or 6th sense thats going to bring piece for human getting. But its correct balance in between feelings, technologies and social influence is going to bring long time stable happiness to folks.