Technology in our Society


No doubt, technologies is increasingly critical in the modern day planet. It is remarkable how fasttechnology has been created. Almost every single key advance was invented in the last century.

These invention are constantly planned for a optimistic result, even so the damaging effects oftendo not turn out to be apparent until following the event. These effects will be deal in the followingparagraphs with connected supplies.

The text, “Whose Life is it Anyway?”, by Brian Clark, has clearly illustrated that with thedevelopment of medical technology, individuals can now have a better top quality of life. Additionally,a lot of lives which usually would not survive with out the advance in health-related remedy can now be artificially prolonged. The central character, Ken Harrison, who becomes a quadriplegicafter a auto accident, has met this predicament. Nonetheless, it is cruel to ask him to face this life if he does not desire to. He can no longer sculpt, run, move, kiss or have any form of sexual fulfillment. Naturally, his typical life has drifted away. The tendency to sustain people’s lives, just simply because the technology is obtainable, is intolerance under certain situations. It is the individual patient who have to make a selection about whether or not to maintain himself alive. “What is the point of prolonging a person’s biological life if it is obtained at the cost of a severe assault on that person’s liberty?” There is almost certainly no basic answer for this query. Any patient’s decision ought to be respected, not primarily based on the fact of all available technologies. This medical technologies has the possible for both excellent and bad results. Nevertheless, it is very critical in today’s society.

“Insurance in the Genes” is a piece of worthwhile material which explores another region in the technological field. Today, genetic engineering primarily plays an critical function.Genetic testing can predict a person’s biological use-by date, forecasting almost everything from heart attacks to breast cancer. People can for that reason have a basic concept of their health predicament and stop what is going to take place if technologies allows them to know this beforehand. “Up until now, only 50 genetic tests have been developed to detect ailments. But inside a decade, there will be tests for 5000 ailments.” It is a remarkable boost. In the near future, hopefully, genetic testing will be employed to reveal prospective health risks.

It is a good impact of technologies in the modern planet.Another helpful source for the effects of technology in our planet is the documentary. On 23 April 1996, SBS broadcasted a film entitled “Weapon: A Battle for Humanity”. It recorded that landmines and laser weapons are devils. Evidently, mines do not just shatter person lives, they also shatter entire communities. In Planet War II, mines were utilized to be defensive weapons. Nevertheless, they do not just only kill soldiers, but also farmers farming, kids playing and women collecting food. Folks in the previous or even now have complained about their existence.

Laser weapons have been abused in military field. Militarism plans to install these weapons in war. Their energy have been recognized that below a specific condition, laser weapons can outcome in losing sight. No healthcare science today can in fact give sight back.

Weapons should only be objects of defense. Nevertheless, since of the advance of  technologies,they have turn out to be more and much more potent. Scientists clearly know that misusing weapons will outcome in deaths, but they are nevertheless operating towards far more powerful weapons which can result in even a lot more death. Why is this? Weapons lead to homelessness, disasters, sacrifices and death. This study of the development of landmines and laser weapons shows that technologies can be employed for destructive and immoral causes. It is shocking to know that the USA, a peaceful nation and a member of the United Nations, has spent far more than two-thirds of its analysis and development finance on military projects in the 1980s.

My personal experience has inspired in me a lot of understanding of this situation. In today’s society, communication and transport are significant features. Over the last decade, their developments in technology are rapidly increasing. People who want to go to other  nations can travel by airplane and people who want to communicate with buddies overseas can use the phone, fax or World wide web. Not only in Australia, but also in other building nations, World wide web has become much more and a lot more typical. With the use of Internet, I can now travel all more than the globe without stepping out of my door. Most importantly, a big amount of income is saved and possessing Web is critical to me. Net has taken communication a further step: all details is entirely accessible to any who owns this type of technologies. It opens up a new international community which is positive and need to lead to a peaceful modern globe.

So in this planet nowadays, technologies is probably the most crucial driving force of oursociety, creating dilemmas regarding life and death, altering nature with genetic engineering, creating such immoral weapons and the instant advantages of employing Internet.