Technology Has Produced Life Greater

tags Technology is the eternal charm of the Expo. Searching at the 150 years history of the Globe Expo, every single good results is inseparable from the assistance of science and technology, for that reason, the achievements of science and technologies is the memorable highlights of each Expo. Seeking back at the history, we can discover that all technologies like lighting, communications have been not possible several years ago, but when they had been offered at the Expo , they gradually grow to be the mainstream industry, and extensively give the advantage to all mankind.
“Better City, Far better Life”, is the theme of 2010 Shanghai Planet Expo, but also our common aspirations. Then how folks live in the city much more comfortable and much more harmonious? The innovation with technologies showed in the Shanghai Globe Expo has described a far better future life for our city and open the door to the future. A colorful city is coming.
Science and technology not only market the process of economy and society, but also improve our top quality of life and make the life more comfortable and convenient. Science and technologies have played an crucial part in clothes, food, housing, transportation, people’s production, and life. In the speedy improvement of 21st century, much more technology is not mysterious, it is in our life, as extended as we take a cautious observation, you can invent your own technology. In this session of the Shanghai World Expo, 189 nations around the world, 57 international organizations and 18 enterprises proposed their new tips in the new energy, environmental protection, energy saving and other elements. Practice will prove that the show at the Expo about the new energy, new components and new details technologies will be broadly promoted and applied in the future.
Technology comes from life and life also can not reside without having technology. The modern improvement of technologies give a huge space for young individuals, they can have a lot more probabilities to touch ,to understand science, and it is a very good way to open their eyes. Older generation of scientists have used their outstanding contributions to promote the improvement of human civilization. Young individuals of our generation should take their instance from childhood to adore science, pay attention to civilization, study tough and increase the ideological and moral requirements and scientific and cultural top quality, constantly increase the scientific practice and innovative capability. Try to grow to be a man with scientific creation and make a contribution to our city life.