Technique without danger: what you need to know about tanning in a solarium

Technique without danger: what you need to know about tanning in a solarium

Technique without danger: what you need to know about tanning in a solarium

Many girls know the state of, let’s say, cognitive dissonance, when common sense and a mirror scream: “You can be healthy and beautiful!”, And stereotypes whisper about the harm of sunburn in the solarium. Where, then, should we seek the truth? Not about speculation, but facts about the benefits and harms, risks and bonuses of sunburn in the solarium tells Julianna Wiener, founder of the beauty laboratory of premium-class Sun & City.

“Sunburn in a solarium has long become something more than just a way to get a pleasant skin color or make the body aesthetically attractive. Artificial sunburn, for example, is an excellent source of vitamin D. Especially in view of the fact that portions that contain vitamin complexes are extremely small to maintain the normal functioning of the body in the long months without the sun.

At the same time, solar vitamin, as is known, reduces the risk of a number of serious diseases, including diabetes and mental health disorders, and new scientific studies have made it possible to speak of its usefulness as a preventive measure against acute respiratory diseases. Do I need to remind myself of the endorphins that are produced during the procedure, helping to cope with stressful overloads of very different levels?

But a sunburn in a solarium today is not only and not so much a chocolate shade of a skin. Professional high-end equipment is equipped with ruby ??lamps, whose red light contributes to the natural production of collagen, so that the skin after the session will become noticeably smoother and more elastic. In addition, in the process of sunburn, a kind of light therapy is performed, which stimulates blood flow to the epidermis, saturating the skin with moisture and oxygen. And this not only has a beneficial effect on well-being, but also contributes to a more even tan.

After completing a full course in the Sun & City laboratory, you will notice a qualitative change in the state of your skin: the signs of aging will decrease, and small defects and pigment spots will become almost invisible. We use only horizontal solariums, which allow us to get a uniform tan, and with special attention to their hygienic safety.

Specialists of Sun & City will gladly talk about the existing modes and select the protective cosmetics that best suit your skin type. Remember that in matters of health and beauty, of course, it is worth listening to, but it will never be superfluous to listen to professionals who act on the basis of scientific discoveries and are exclusively in your interests. ”

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