Taking Chloramine Out of Our Water


For my high college science fair project last year, I decided to take a look at taking chloramine out of our water.  You see, my mom and dad had lately installed a water filter under our kitchen sink since my mom was freaking out about germs and stuff that she had noticed on some show like Very good Morning America or Regis Philbin or one thing like that.

And so my dad purchased a really powerful filter that had this stuff called activated carbon, and the guy at the retailer stated that one particular of the things it would eliminate was referred to as chloramines.  Anyhow, I thought this would
be a excellent science project, significantly greater than the year just before when I attempted to do open-heart surgery on my goldfish.  So I took water samples from a bunch of my friends’ homes and from this cute girl who sits subsequent to me in math, and from my kitchen sink, and then I sent them to a lab to have them measured for chloramines. This method did not take too long and then I took the final results and made a bunch of pie graphs and stuff like that.


Effectively, I did not win the science fair–I didn’t even come close–but I did have the pleasure of knowing that my tap water is totally free of chloramine, so if it is ever proven to cause illnesses, then my friends might get some of these diseases but I will not.


My point is that my science project taught me that not all of us get clean water that is protected for drinking. Although we can rally to whatever government agency, it is very best that you prepare your household the very best way you can that is, by getting oneself an efficient water filter program. This is not just to eliminate chloramines in drinking water but also other contaminants as properly.