Tai Chi and Driving – 7 Approaches to Improve Your Driving Using Tai Chi Principles


1. Relax – loosen your grip, relax your shoulders and waist. Let your hands “stick” lightly to the wheel. You will be able to respond much more quickly and effectively to altering conditions.

2. Save power -save fuel as properly as your own nervous energy by driving far more smoothly, decreasing unnecessary acceleration, and braking and cornering far more gently. Drive as if you had an open box of eggs loose on the back seat. You could add a couple of minutes to the duration of your journey but you will arrive protected and relaxed, and your passengers will admire your smooth driving. You will also extend the life of your vehicle and minimize operating fees.

three. Stay cool – suspend your judgement about the actions of other folks and concentrate on establishing your personal skills. The errors of other individuals are all opportunities for you to learn and boost. This will keep you out of unnecessary conflicts and assist you to grow to be a really superior driver.

4. Remain awake – on long journeys, be conscious of the quality of your focus and sustain it by extending the back of your neck, regulating your breathing and contracting/lifting the perineum to raise flagging energy levels. Where needed tapping on acupuncture points can aid to release power and enhance concentration. Take workout breaks periodically. Respect your need to have for rest.

5. Stay aware – expand your sphere of awareness beyond the vehicle. This involves reading the road ahead, sensing the road surface and terrain, becoming more conscious of altering engine sounds, tire noise and other indications that might require your attention.

six. Keep present – don’t anticipate. You cannot assume that other drivers or pedestrians will do the appropriate issue. Be ready for something to come about and you’ll not be taken by surprise.

7. Stay centered – don’t forget your belly (dantien), breath quietly with your diaphragm and loosen up your shoulders. This will boost your concentration and co-ordination, help you to feel more comfy and to remain out of pointless and hazardous competition with other drivers.

These are very basic applications of tai chi principles to driving, but larger level driving tactics such as recovery from rear-wheel/front-wheel/four-wheel skids have striking similarities to tui shou/pushing hands in tai chi. There’s constantly more to learn, but bear in mind, unless you are a specialist racing driver, driving a automobile ought to By no means be a competitive activity. Your principal goal is the comfortable transportation of your self and your passengers.

Relax, appreciate and go safely.