Symons cone crusher Information


The Symons cone crusher is the world latest cone crusher and also the most applied crusher. Symons cone crusher features perfect affordable structure and more advanced technologies and have the exceptional functionality in the manufacturing ,installation, and maintenance. Symons one particular crusher has been broadly applied in the field of mining industry, metallurgical industry, chemical sector, silicate market. And now Symons cone crusher has been employed to proceed the mid hard crushing of some materials like pebbles, iron ore, limestone, copper ore, quartz, granite, sandstone and so on.

Structure characteristics of Symons cone crusher

1. Fine components of the particle size

The specific crushing cavity and layer crushing principle have ensured the big ratio of particles with cubic shape and the reduction of stones with the needle shape. 

two. Multi-crushing cavities

Symons cone crushers have three kinds of cavities so that our consumers can decide on the cavities with higher crushing efficiency, even particle size, according to the particular practical scenario.

3. High effective and production

Lengthy arm of the crushing force and huge stroke can effectively carry out the crushing procedure.

4. Low expenses in the day-to-day operation and maintenance

With the affordable structure style, lengthy service life, the adoption of the spare components have decreased the overload of the sliding bearing ,bevel gear, and the frame with the even particle size. The hydraulic cavity-cleaning technique has lowered the circular overload and the dead-time with the low power consumption and reasonable distribution.

5. Higher reliability

Adoption of the huge diameter axis, heavy primary frame, and the independent lubrication method has ensured the robust structure and dependable function.

Main structures of Symons cone crusher

Symons cone crusher are mainly which includes the frame, fixed cone assembly, moveable cone assembly, spring structure, bowl axle bracket and transmission, and so forth. And the auxiliary elements of the Symons cone crusher consist of the electric method, light lubrication system and hydraulic cavity-cleaning program, etc. And the fixed cone assembly primarily consist of the set adjustment and the mortar rolling .Even though the moveable cone assembly mostly consist of principal axis, flexible cone, crushing cavity and so on. And the transmission portion mainly consists of massive wheel, transmission shaft, little and massive bevel gear.

Working principle of Symons cone crusher

Throughout the operation of Symons cone crusher, driven by the electric-motor, the eccentric shaft bush will rotate with the triangle belt, small and big bevel gear, big bear, transmission shaft.Driven by the eccentric shaft bush, the cone crusher axis will move circularly, which tends to make the mantle close or leave the cone from time to time .And then the components will be crushed by constantly compacting, striking, and crooking in the circle crushing cavity in between the fixed and moveable cone. After many times’ repeat, the materials will be crushed to the essential size and then they will be discharged by the discharging opening.

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