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tags Numerous faces core network transformation network might encounter this problem: the core network switch or router device is selected?

, Of course, the issue in the above described switches is 3 and 4 switches, because the 3 under the conventional network switching equipment does not have the core network gear, management and routing functions, even though the router is also the enterprise level is comparatively high-end routers.

In truth, faced with this dilemma, only the light of network switching and routing technologies to compare operating principle, combined with the actual needs of the enterprise network plan can make the correct option.

1, the router performs Numerous industry pals have a misconception that operating in the third OSI layer?? Network layer router, a network switch to a certain stage of development, in order to solve the traditional network switch can not comprehensive the core function of the network generated, it is not true: early In March 1986, Cisco to Utah State University in the United States supplies the world’s initial named AGS router, given that then, fast progress of network communication and the original distribution of the distinct blocks in the nation co-Lan network formed Wan network of worldwide coverage.

Router name from the English Router, by definition, can be basically understood as the path by means of the network, its World wide web data transfer performs as follows:

1) Direct receiver terminal within the network, switching equipment and other sources of transmission of data frame A, employing link layer function modules, verify the integrity of the data frame

two) stored beneath the router, like its personal IP and other network equipment, IP address correspondence table, the control data frame received the ultimate objective in the IP header IP address, network traffic congestion, according to state data, query optimization path, the information frame to figure out the objective of the subsequent step to reach this IP address IP address and write, re-calculated checksum value

3) B information frame is encapsulated in the IP address, the physical interface to the outdoors network by way of the established objective of the subsequent level IP address to send

4) lengthy-distance route by means of the transmission of data frames N to the location router, the router for the received big amounts of details to filter the same time, the supply address of data frame transmission and N via the check, the router by reading routing table with the port in the IP data frame information corresponding N, N decided to send the information frame to its corresponding VLAN, ARP protocols through IP info to resolve MAC address information, the goal of inward network devices to send or to sent inside the network switching gear, switching gear and then stored in accordance with the port corresponding to the MAC address table, via the suitable port to send to the terminal.

Router data from the above operates is not tough to see the router at the WAN and WAN Unicom point position, the process of sending and getting circuit transmission can obtain, which laid the basis for its position as the network core. In truth, a lot of huge enterprises will recognize the router cascade, at this time, in addition to the core routers inside the network from the device outdoors, it is as connected LAN and WAN equipment.

, Of course, the functioning group level and individual access router in the WAN and the WAN connection only with the basic routing forwarding, firewall, radio and other functions can be isolated, while the enterprise-class router with safety in thoughts, the efficient transmission of information, IP efficient use of resources and other elements, through the management software to acquire data frames up to match the checksum, internal network by means of a number of access ports for VLAN VLAN classification and management and implementation of information exchange among, and to give strategic management of IP boost the function of fire intensity to boost the network security is a have to, and manage big-scale network transmission quality QOS high quality of service management capabilities will also be a massive support, but even with several network interface assistance can achieve a assortment of terminals, which , the router supports multiple routing protocols, network protocols is vital.