Sweet Honey


Bee product is prevalent health food, because of its miraculous impact, the special function and from organic science and buyers, and it becomes one particular of the world’s health care market place gorgeous scenery. Honorary President of China association of bee merchandise in wood said: “if the bees are close friends of human well being, bee merchandise are natural source of nutrition, royal jelly, and honey bee pollen.” As folks wellness consciousness enhancement, bee products by far more and far more individuals know and recognition in the elderly, specially fond of bee merchandise much more. Bee merchandise association Luo Meng legend, bee products “sweet enterprise is enterprise,” bee item production price low, but the use of bee goods, not only can be used as a day-to-day food to consume, but also can participate in the adjuvant therapy, value is close to the ordinary folks. Some of the immediate effect is bee products, whilst others need to have longer, and use of bee merchandise must persevere.


For thousands of years, with the unflagging honey have several special nutrients.

1?Honey can be absorbed easily and directly by human body glucose and fructose, about 65-80%,

2?All types of amino acid, like the human physique can not 8 vital amino acid syntheses, .3%,

3?Human serum levels of practically equal to include much more than 20 minerals, .06%,

4?More than 20 species of advertising human growth and metabolism of vitamins,

5?It includes a variety of active enzyme.


Now on the market with honey, often false with high fructose syrup created its color and lustre, false honey, really clear. Consumers need to decide on buy is quality assurance goods. Consumers can recognize the top quality of honey by the following straightforward methods suggested by SFYH.com:

1. Taste and smell: when you decide on and acquire honey, customer can taste the nose smells, observe the mouth of oil or no matter whether there is honey, general top quality very good smell and taste sweet honey with delicate fragrance and flavor, fragrance of as well rich, if achievable, poor top quality of adding flavor with honey bitterness, acerbity, sour even smell.

2. Good high quality of moisture content of identification: honey, sticky sexual content material, use glass rod will provoke disinfection, honey, quite extended filamentous will turn out to be. Water dilute of honey feel really high.