Surviving Missing Futon Frame Hardware Nightmares


There appears to be quite a handful of of us who have owned a futon frame and ended up losing the connecting hardware at one time or another. I myself bought a futon from the retail store I worked in for a quantity of years back in the early 1990s when futons have been all the rage. Perhaps you purchased your futon in college, acquired it from a pal or maybe produced the purchase for a family members room. If you happen to be fortunate to live out your life in the same home or apartment there will by no means be a require to move your futon except perhaps to a distinct room or place. Getting replacement futon frame hardware involves several measures approached in order to locate specifically what you need.

In the initial place do not panic just but. Without having the hardware to attach every little thing back collectively you’re in some critical problems. However there are ways to acquire what you need to have. At this point we could explain the numerous positive aspects of utilizing a modest bag to include the hardware and attach it to a component of the frame with heavy packing tape so it really is effortlessly located. Who am I kidding even though? I’ve moved mine now about three times and each and every time I ended up missing a bolt, a barrel nut, a nylon roller right here and there. Heck, I was fortunate I had all the wood components show up at each new move let alone any hardware that happened to make it as effectively. Apart from, isn’t moving your house stressful sufficient without having getting to keep track of a tiny bag of metal hardware amongst a sea of furnishings, clothes, dishes, toys and appliances?

Pursuing this further we should calmly step back and think for a moment. Yes, we’re stressed out and fuming at either our spouse or the moving business for losing the futon hardware but we require to move previous that now. To be positive the futon requirements our help and we’re the only ones who can do it at this point. It’s time for us to go through the actions of getting replacement hardware and there is a distinct order in which we do this to acquire the fastest final results. I would recommend the following steps to start off tracking down replacement hardware as quickly as feasible.

Initial – identify your futon frame.
Having worked retail, it’s fairly possibly the toughest circumstance when a client comes into the shop needing assistance but cannot determine the item to the salesperson or service person when requesting parts. Granted you happen to be going to have to do a small study by pulling your receipt when you purchased the futon from the shop and determine the model or name of the futon. If you inherited the futon, discovered it by the side of the road or bought it at a garage sale you happen to be in for a difficult road ahead. Fear not however as the world wide web can be utilised to help you locate the style and attach a name to it for use in tracking down hardware. Be aware that there are dozens of manufacturers out there utilizing various hardware in their frames including several that have since closed their doors. Hopefully the manufacturer of your frame is nonetheless around.

Second – speak to the retailer.
Of course if you purchased your futon frame by way of a local retail shop it really is time to head down there and see if they can track down the hardware for your frame. Bring your receipt. If you don’t have a receipt, then bring an image of the futon frame with you. Hopefully the salesperson or service representative is knowledgeable about the items they’ve carried in the previous. Best case scenario, they either can supply you with the name of the manufacturer with get in touch with data or have the parts on hand to get you back up and running. Worst case situation the store you bought it from is out of organization or if the store is nevertheless around they have no clue about the solution any longer.

Third – search on-line.
Supposing we’ve hit the worse case scenario it’s time to use the web to search for the manufacturer or the name of the style of futon you have. I’d recommend utilizing Google, Bing or Yahoo and use the name adding the word futon to the search.  If you weren’t capable to find a name you are going to have to turn into a extremely great spotter and sift through the many photos of futon frames till you find one that is quite close to what you have. Determine the name of the style and the manufacturer and then proceed to find the manufacturer of the futon frame.

Fourth – speak to the manufacturer.
Assuming the retailer did not have parts but could identify the manufacturer for you then you at least have anything to go on. Perhaps you had been capable to locate your frame style by means of the search engines. Once again, search on-line employing the sites previously discussed making use of the name of the manufacturer. You will probably get some on the internet retail shops off of the search. Filter them out visually till you find a hyperlink for the manufacturer. Most do have sites, locate a contact phone number or e mail address and contact them for info on obtaining hardware. If you are unable to locate the manufacturer’s site go ahead and make contact with one of the a lot of futon retailers that pop-up in the search benefits and e-mail them with your concern and ask if they can either sell you hardware or point you in the right path for obtaining the manufacturer in hopes of tracking down hardware.

Ultimately – the final resort.
If you had been unable to decide the name of the futon frame or the name of the manufacturer you are indeed in a tight spot. At this point your choices are limited to heading down to a hardware retailer and seeing if you can locate some generic parts that may get you back up and running. The problem will be in the way of connecting bolts and barrel nuts and obtaining the proper lengths if available. I would recommend taking one of the wood arms and a stretcher rail with you to the shop. Start plugging in distinct bolts and nuts till you locate a combination that connects appropriately. You’ll also need to track down connecting pins, washers and clips for the seat and back section as nicely as the four nylon rollers that most futon frames use on the back rest. If you’re lucky these could nevertheless be attached to the backrest deck producing your job a bit less difficult.

In conclusion we’ve discussed the issues presented with lost futon hardware and how to go about tracking down the hardware you need. Essentially determine your frame by means of a receipt or spotting it on-line. Visit the retailer retailer you bought it from and receive parts by way of them if they are nevertheless open. If you bought it privately or inherited the frame track down the manufacturer utilizing a search engine of your option and speak to them about ordering replacements. If you are not in a position to find the manufacturer but have located shops on the internet make contact with one particular of them to see if they can sell you hardware. If all else fails check out the neighborhood hardware shop with your wood futon sections in hand and start trying bolts and nuts till you discover some that operate. I sincerely hope you are able to obtain the needed hardware to get your futon frame back up and running. I want you the best of luck to you and your futon.