Surveying Physical Educators on Pull Ups and Childhood Obesity Prevention


I confess proper up front that the following details represents a entirely informal, and unscientific survey. Nevertheless, as of this past week I’ve lastly completed surveying exactly 100 physical education teachers, some by the telephone, some in individual, and I asked the following six concerns.

1. Name
two. School and Location
three. Total Years of Physical Education Teaching Experience
four. The number of obese boys you have observed who can do pull ups
five. The quantity of obese girls you’ve seen who can do pull ups
six. The total quantity of obese students you have seen who can do pull ups

Zero Obese Students Can Do Pull Ups
As it turns out these teachers have an typical of eight.8 years of teaching knowledge under their belt. Which is to say, collectively they have 880 years (8.8 years X 100 teachers) of teaching experience among them. And in those 880 years these 100 physical educators have noticed ZERO obese boys, ZERO obese girls, and ZERO OBESE STUDENTS WHO CAN DO PULL UPS. On the flip side, in all of these 880 years of physical education knowledge Each STUDENT who could do pull ups was reasonably lean, robust, and NOT OBESE!

Let’s Speculate
Now let’s do a tiny speculation. Let’s be ultra conservative and estimate that every of these teachers taught one hundred students per school year. That signifies each teacher would have overseen 880 students (100 students X eight.8 years) for the duration of this period. And collectively they would have overseen 88,000 (880 students X one hundred teachers) students. And out of 88,000 students these 100 teachers had never noticed an obese youngster who could perform even a single pull up. That is to say the obese youngster who can carry out at least one particular pull up is as uncommon as the Loch Ness Monster or Large Foot. They just do not exist.

Beginning Young and Winning the War on Childhood Obesity
The implication of this survey of course is that, if we commence early (kindergarten or even pre-college) and aid youngsters across America learn to physically pull their personal weight, we can turn the tide on childhood obesity. Yes with this frighteningly easy and expense-successful (ok it’s low-cost) resolution in hand, we can create an whole generation of students who can physically pull their personal weight, and who will have naturally immunized themselves against obesity for life by studying and sustaining the capacity to do at least one particular pull up. My only query is, what are we waiting for?

If other physical educators or coaches about the nation would like to weigh in on this survey, we’d be much more than content to add your contribution to the existing information. You can do so by going to the internet site listed beneath and clicking on the Survey Tab.