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Reporters yesterday
(June 28, 2006)
Was informed that the aircraft carrier Suning Appliance retailer?? Xinjiekou retailers will close shop tomorrow day countdown to opening access to upgrades. Suning Appliance stores closed in the course of the completion of each floor will be completely renovated finishing operate, and use this day to shield every single brand presented to buyers is the most recent, most comprehensive
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Products. Zhang also Xinjiekou store re-opening will be held in the course of the unprecedented scale promotional activities. Soon after upgrading the new shop will be officially unveiled on Saturday.

Loss of 5 million value on the 1st!

Taojing Hai, basic manager of Nanjing Suning Appliance, told reporters that the decision to Xinjiekou Suning retailers closed for one particular day, do a great job re-opening preparation, this Suning will lose a lot more than five million sales. Suning this value worth it? Tao Jinghai a definite answer, this is absolutely worth it.

Suning Appliance Xinjiekou retailer on December 26, 1999 opening, which is currently 7 years. According to statistics, opened seven years ago, Suning Xinjiekou shop total sales far more than ten billion yuan (about 10 million property appliance products), the average per household in Nanjing (in 1 million calculation) in the consumption of nearly ten store Suning Xinjiekou pieces of residence appliances merchandise, can be said that every single citizen had the Nanjing Suning Xinjiekou shop for your item. As a Chinese home appliance chain shop sales up a single shop, Suning Xinjiekou store has also grow to be concerned about foreign counterparts concentrate on the development of China’s house appliance chain.

The new store will fill
Blind spot

Upgrade soon after opening shop Suning Xinjiekou what sort? It is reported that, Suning upgrade method employing human, detail oriented, technology-oriented philosophy, in addition to employing the new environmentally friendly material, it is full up and down in the specifics of the operate.

Taojing Hai, general manager of Nanjing Suning Appliance Description: “This shop Suning Xinjiekou upgrades, primarily based on the consumer’s shopping wants taken different measures for improvement
Lighting, bathrooms, purchasing centers and other consumer access support facilities all support facilities in accordance with international standards of chain transformation, material and all use environmentally-friendly components, this price increased by 60%, Suning’s sole objective is to let buyers to get pleasure from a lot more time purchasing and a lot more customized service, to buy electrical appliances Suning have really feel at property. “

Guidance system such as purchasing, guided by a new logo, to ensure that consumers in shopping malls in this system primarily based on the commodity at a glance, consumers can always know the place in the mall in China the first use of octagonal checkout, customers can host far more contributions an additional will follow the common-star hotel bathroom on every floor re-transformation, set
, The disabled, particular toilet seat and so on, in every toilet seat also have ready a deposit
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