Sugar promotes the growth of cancer cells

Cancer is still one of the most mysterious diseases. Scientists are still unable to answer questions about why cancer cells appear in the human body and where they come from. But recent research has shed some light on the process of formation and growth of cancer cells and, accordingly, tumors. As it turned out, the fault is sugar.

At the beginning of the 20th century, German Otto Warburg made a sensational discovery. He found that the division of cancer cells requires a lot of energy, which they receive through the process of glycolysis – in other words, the cleavage of glucose, which occurs without access to oxygen. As a result of this process, energy is generated and a large number of lactic acid is formed. How is sugar and lactic acid linked to Ras genes, failures in which leading to the development of cancer?

In a recent study conducted by Professor Johan Tevelane and his colleagues, it was found that 1.6-bisphosphate of fructose is the key substance that causes the formation and division of cancer cells. With intensive glycolysis, this substance accumulates in cells in a very large amount, which eventually activates the RAS proteins. As a result, excessive activity of these proteins leads to accelerated cell division. For this whole process, energy is needed, which is produced during the splitting of sugar.

Thus, an irreversible process is started. The fact is that in the cancer cells, too, there is a process of glycolysis, and in them it passes almost 200 times more intensively. As a result, we get constantly growing cancer cells and an aggressive form of cancer.

With this research, many specialists from the scientific community disagree and have already begun to challenge it. In their opinion, sugar does not affect the development of cancer tumors. At the same time, others have already found evidence that sugar plays almost a key role in the appearance of cancer cells. Cancer can develop not only in humans, but also in some animals. One of the few living creatures resistant to cancer is a naked digger. He has complex sugars in his body that can not be used by cancer cells. Perhaps that’s why these animals are not prone to cancer.

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