Subversion Of Standard Hardware Focus On High


Tradition Hardware Sector seems to have ingrained in people’s hearts, our high-end consumer hardware brand awareness is not adequate. Long as the characteristics of the sector top ordinary Chinese Web customers on the hardware is not considerably concerned about the brand. Such a company he utilized “open copper Home New era “to renew the end-customer hardware market issues. Today we have invited specially for copper copper residence hardware merchandise Oppe chairman Lushi Hui, Common Manager Mr. Wu Weimin, to show us a new home bronze times.

Rise of high-end brand of subversion of conventional hardware business, has extended been the industry’s traits as ordinary World wide web customers in China led to hardware brand, not considerably attention. Such a company he “opened a new era of copper residence” to the end customer renewed interest on the hardware business. Nowadays we have invited copper items specializing in copper property Oppe chairman Lu Shihui, General Manager Mr. Wu Weimin, welcome two guest Sohu residence, Oppe high-end positioning of this brand, founded in Italy in 1952, growth in China ten years. Invite two friends to play a greeting to us.

Adapt to customer-level hardware modifications, are divided into 3 grades of low higher college higher-finish piece of the ratio is progressively enlarged.

Higher-finish products are primarily copper based supplies, a lot more high-priced components, focusing on aesthetics and decorative style, normally more harmonious unity.

Hardware on the market in the early years are not so concerned about time, because it is in the whole House improvement Component of which is not visible, play a substantial role, but the status is not higher. With the current genuine estate boom, we all have cash, purchase a home more and far more men and women, the rich a lot more and far more, this time not only to housing, but also to reside in the United States, from easy to connect the relevant unlock connection hyperlink has been extended to a field to the aesthetic, hardware in fact conforms to such a natural change in consumption levels, low higher school can be divided into three grades. High-end piece from the style, high quality, value, there is a level that some of the major copper-based supplies, materials far more high-priced, more focused speaking style aesthetic consciousness and decorative style, usually speaking, is a harmonious unity. Mid-range piece of the standard Building Supplies Primarily based on the market for stainless steel supplies, there are made of zinc alloy material, the price of some mid-range and style of stainless steel material itself determines the specific things are single, so the marketplace location is not comprehensive, zinc alloy processes shaping the nature of comparatively powerful It is style far more, since the grade of supplies are lower than copper, copper technology is less complicated than speaking a lot, so the price is lower. There are the conventional iron material to do, this portion of the decoration on the ordinary individuals still do not account for a little share. Low levels of higher college 3 housing sector as we develop this trend a lot more and far more obvious, the percentage of high-finish piece gradually enlarge.

Oppe is the more higher-finish brand, has been focusing on foreign markets for 04 years to China, this time, Oppe brand market place share at property and abroad have no data to show a adjust in the marketplace?

Oppe the brand design is in a foreign country, its manufacturing and processing base has been situated in Zhongshan City, has constantly been our domestic production and processing, and now speaking Oppe Product from the style inherits the essence of Italian culture, with Europe in terms of international market place and is the distinction in between the U.S. marketplace, which in terms of aesthetic style, the style of the American marketplace to be partial to the modern thoughts, the European marketplace, the Nordic industry is also primarily belonging to European style. Our higher-finish true estate market place in China is our preferred this piece of European style, so devoted to the domestic market place from our point of view, then style, higher-end, European-style two merchandise more in line with customer demand in the domestic industry. We can see that the things are luxury, art aesthetic grade is also larger, more profound culture.

High-end goods on the market in current years, the development rate of domestic market share is considerably higher than the export growth rate

In the international marketplace in terms of genuine exports, and other styles of products is relatively large proportion, in the course of the past decade, from the original primarily in the export, the domestic market is not nicely run, till now nearly years in the higher-finish merchandise, market share in the domestic industry growth price is a lot greater than its export development rate, despite the fact that we are simultaneously in annual export development, but the development rate lagged behind the national launch of high-finish marketplace growth price .