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We all know publishing peer-to-peer reviews in an indexed journal is time-consuming

After I completed my article with my own theories and ideas, I got lots of frustration as it takes a long time to wait in publishing my paper; and feel trapped in a big cycle of review, re-review and finally got rejection that seems to kill months of my time, interferes with my job, and unfortunately my contents are no longer interesting as it was outdated.

Finally, I submitted my manuscript to IJRE, they focus on my development, they had supported and guided me through the process without a hard feeling of discrimination for my paper standards such as my affiliation, academic background, grammar, data-size and etc.

Now my research ideas and journal paper could be open-accessed and view & cite by all scholars around the world!

This publication is a powerful credential and profile for me in all personal, academic, professional and career development. 

**Recommended by MIT Scholar: Loved by most researchers for the fast track review

As a research scientist, publishing peer-to-peer reviews in an indexed journal is time-consuming. Subsequent to research investigation, frustration is widely shared that researchers are increasingly questioning the long time it takes to publish their articles; and feel trapped in a big cycle of submission, rejection, review, and re-review that seems to kill months of their lives, interferes with their job, and unfortunately research-grant, information often  become out-of-date.

Nowadays research scientists are more likely to prefer and consider a rapid review and quickly publish a journal. However, you should beware of those bogus journals that are just looking for a profit, and which can be easily identified by carefully look into the contents of the website.

Here, I would like to recommend that you submit your work to the “International Journal of Research and Engineering IJRE.org, which are “open access”, “double-peer review”, “indexed” by Google Scholar, Academia, Research-gate, Copernicus, and more. These are loved by most researchers for the fast-track review and quick publication process, and most importantly; all this adds up to a shorter period of acceptance notification.

Prof. David S. C. Eisenberg, MIT

**Recommended by CalTech Scholar: Rapid review and publication Journal

I have known International Journal of Research and Engineering for almost 3 years. My research fellows and people around are having a great time in publishing journals with IJRE.

IJRE aims to offer a fastest review and publication without compromising on the quality. So, you can’t go wrong with IJRE!

Prof. Wilson Timothy J, CalTech

Recommended by UCLA Researcher: Highly recommended by scientist

As Scientist, I highly recommend you to submit your journal articles to International Journal of Research and Engineering (IJRE.ORG)

An indexed, open-access, fast-track double-peer-reviewed journal.

Dr. Stephanie Koh, UCLA

Recommended by IITB Researcher: A journal without frustration

It is obviously very frustrating to wait anxiously for few months or more, after years of research, data collection and effort in writing manuscript, what happens to me is to receive a rejection letter from the journal editor.

I tried to appeal and re-submit but still be rejected. I was desperate for my research and finally, my professor referred me to International Journal of Research and Engineering, that is an appropriate target for my manuscript submission in open-access and peer-reviewed journal.

I wanna share my good experience with you and please have a visit to IJRE.

Dr. Navya S. Veena, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, IITB

**Recommended by UNISA Scholar: Great time in journal publishing

My research fellows and I, have published several journals in International Journal of Research and Engineering (IJRE).

We are having a great time in journal review and submission with IJRE. If you want to publish your research manuscript timely without the frustration of rejection, IJRE is a good choice.

Dr. Mulugeta Odrra Oruka – UNISA

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