Sturdy Growth In Foreign Trade Of Biological Medicinal Products Is The Principal Market In Asia


Biomedical goods refers to the micro-organisms, parasites, animal toxins, biological tissue as beginning material, purified by a biological approach or technical preparation, technology and analysis of biological control of the high quality of intermediate items and finished goods made from bio-active agents, such as plague (bacteria) vaccine, toxin, toxoid, immune serum, blood goods, immunoglobulin, antigen, allergen, and cytokines.

In the current customs Export Tariff, it is also no uniform, clear tariff biomedicine, genetic engineering, biological medicine, such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, interferon and blood items and other imports and exports, usually by means of beneath the customs tariff 3002. As a result, data on national statistics, biomedical challenging to totally reflect China’s actual predicament of import and export of biological medicine. No doubt, China will show robust growth in import and export of bio-medicine momentum.

2009, China’s import and export quantity of biomedical 887 million U.S. dollars, up 44.35%, of which exports grew 53.16 %, exports grew 19.71% vaccine

Import and export of China is facing biomedical development of better possibilities, sturdy government assistance, China’s bio-pharmaceutical business has created great progress, and international bio-pharmaceutical business are becoming increasingly close, in maintaining Biomedical Import Substantial development, a quantity of biomedical exports are expanding steadily.

2009, China’s import and export amount of biomedical 887 million U.S. dollars, up 44.35 percent. Among them, the exports 87,175,000 US dollars, up 53.16 percent imports amounted to 800 million US dollars, up 43.35%, imports and exports showed a dramatic upward trend, the development of potentially really robust. At present, China Bio Pharmaceutical Sector Has been developed to much more than 500 biological pharmaceutical industry far more than 40 billion yuan sales earnings, but decrease than the global bio-pharmaceutical industry in the pharmaceutical sector in the proportion of biomedical industry in China also shows a quite big room for improvement. Can be expected: in 2010 China’s import and export of bio-medicine will continue to maintain higher development.

Export Asia is the primary market, a key breakthrough in vaccine

Organization in 2009, engaged in biomedical Drugs Exports total 135 enterprises, exports of 100 million or far more enterprises have 20, the Chengdu Institute of Biological Products, Ed Inspection Technologies Co., Ltd., Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co., Ltd., Hualan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. four Chuanke Lun Biomedical Business Restricted, ABON (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., of Lanzhou Biological Technologies Improvement Co., Ltd., Shanghai Branch of China and Bioengineering Co., Ltd. Liaoning, and Sichuan Yuanda Cheng Kung University Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Shu Yang China biomedical businesses, among the leading 10 exports, up 59.66 % share.

Industry In 2009, total exports to China Biological Medicine 126 nations and regions, Asia is the principal export market place share as high as 59.57 %. In 2009, China’s best ten trading partners, exports of bio-medicine followed by India, the United States, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Pakistan, the proportion reached 77.99%, of which only the Indian market place share as high as 34.66%.

Varieties in 2009, China’s human vaccine exports 19,157,600 U.S. dollars, up 19.71 %, were exported to 35 nations and regions, Oceania and North America did not export records, the main export markets India, Pakistan, South Korea, Malawi and Thailand, up 84.63 percent share, of which India’s share is only as higher as 67.39%.

20 enterprises in China engaged in export of human vaccines, Chengdu Institute of Biological Merchandise, Biological Co., Ltd. Liaoning Cheng Kung University, Changchun Institute of Biological Merchandise Import &amp Export Department, Shenzhen City Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Primary Gao, Changchun Chang Sheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. rank in 2009 exports of vaccines for human use the prime five, up 87.19 percent share, of which only the proportion of the Chengdu Institute of Biological Merchandise as high as 45.92 percent.

The new century, with SARS, H5N1, H1N1 and other viruses turns raging, all kinds of Epidemic The trend was spreading about the world, creating a substantial improve in demand for the vaccine market place, according to forecasts, the global vaccine market sales will boost rate of 18%, 2011, the global vaccine market sales will grow to 30 billion U.S. dollars.

Affordable vaccine as China, in Asia, Africa, common market place and keep the momentum of fast development. Chengdu Institute of Biological Goods More than the years, effectively passed the review of the Indian drug regulatory departments, its own intellectual home rights of JE vaccine into the government procurement system in India, marking China’s biomedical sector has been tremendously enhanced, but In addition to outside of Chengdu Institute of Biological Merchandise, no other domestic enterprises to enter the foreign government procurement region.