Students Studying Business Boutique Project Promotion (3 March Council) – Organization, Show-it Industry

tags Start time: 2008-09-17 End time: 2008-09-17 Venue: Central University of Finance Get in touch with: Liu Gang Contact Telephone: 010-88794725 Sponsored by: Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee students to begin service headquarters

Sponsor: Zhongguancun digital entertainment students to start off Park

Invitation To focus on displaying the national student enterprise innovation, entrepreneurial style, for the neighborhood to learn more about students to commence organizations, build a mutual understanding, communication and exchange platform, in the Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee initiated and organized by the National students studying inside the corporate boutique project promotion (3 March Council) in 2008 9 17 ( ) 14:00 pm, Conference Center at the Central University of Finance (Address: South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 39) respectively. The primary contents consist of: 1. Excellent display of the project web site two. Shijingshan Overseas Students Pioneer Park Chong Park signed with the remaining students to start off angel investment Zhongguancun particular fund Cooperation Agreement three. Speech 4. 3 students to concentrate on organization promotion and exchange of boutique projects five. Scene investment 6. Networking reception and the Press.

Invite leaders at all levels, and connected agencies and neighborhood close friends will come!

Sponsored by: Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park Service Headquarters, Overseas Students Pioneer

By: Digital Entertainment, Zhongguancun Overseas Students Pioneer Park

Big central fiscal Overseas Students Pioneer Park

Participants procedure: Application (see attachment submitted components 4) overview 9 17 participants attend on March three will Investment

Conference Highlights: Enterprise will acquire substantial help!

Indeed, the sector market, investment and financing class meeting a handful of, but this will be on March three, as Zhongguancun Entrepreneurs are ready for the gluttonous feast, enterprise mentoring by means of the complete implementation of the true enterprise to participants ultimately benefit.

This meeting, the organizing committee specifically for entrepreneurs who have selected various sorts of entrepreneurs and the formation of expert instructors. Among these, there have deep information of the background, students everywhere in the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and fiscal management, finance, culture, Dean, have been well-recognized enterprises to develop trade, financing ten million dollars, with wealthy experience of sensible operation of effectively-recognized entrepreneurs, have study countless company enterprises, focused on offering all aspects of corporate finance company venture to aid agency heads, as well as organization solutions for enterprise, as commence-ups to good results of an incubator to assist veterans as achievable, the composition of the specialist team , covering entrepreneurship approach, the policy may be encountered, operation, management, financing and other elements as properly as individual connections, they will review, providing a cover numerous aspects of organization, “diagnostic report” can be stated, The meeting for the organization enterprises and entrepreneurial mentor group, will turn into 1 of the prospective of every company angels venture will take off your creating blocks.

In addition, this meeting will be by the Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other properly-known portal to give special assistance to the related media coverage related with far more than 50 enterprise projects, funding specifications, and solution promotion, will be prepared throughout the meeting conduct and comply with-up approach, receive worthwhile publicity possibilities, although Zhongguancun digital entertainment Overseas Students Pioneer Park, will also acquire professional assessment of each and every one, providing a a single-year recruitment services, and enterprises employing at any time to receive demands and talents through the park to remain innovative market place, enterprises employing aid.

Talks with renowned entrepreneurs Speak to with the venture capitalist Confidential dialogue with the Government Invaluable “business mentor” comment to all members of professional group report

Invaluable “company mentors” 1-track guide

Nicely-identified function of the enterprise portal project publicity

Associated industries continued media coverage -Year recruitment services Access to these, entrepreneurs have only participated in the meeting on March 3 will be!

Conference fees: 1, students to commence businesses (via audit) can be free to participate in this meeting

2, non-students to start organizations, to the group as a unit (no a lot more than three), registration and charges three,000 per business (which includes the assessment of entrepreneurship instructors and personnel exchanges for one particular year service)

Organizer Get in touch with: Gang E-Mail: [email protected]

Mob: 13901127790 Tel :010-88794725 (Zhongguancun digital entertainment Overseas Students Pioneer Park)

Fax: (010) 88794725 Xia Hongyi Mob: 13801269676 Tel :010-62288385 (Central Finance Massive Overseas Students Pioneer Park)

Organizer Make contact with: Management committee of Zhongguancun Science Park Service Headquarters, Overseas Students Pioneer

Make contact with: Zhang Xinmin Tel :010-82691716 Annex: 1. Calendar of Events two. Guoyang 3. Venture Instructors 4. Application of needed submissions 5. Assessment method the session. six Pass 7. Directions sketch

Annex 1: Students studying enterprise boutique project promotion (three March Council)

&amp 2008 National Student Enterprise Investment and Financing Fair

Activities agenda (2008 9 17) Moderator: Central University of Finance and Vice President Wang Yaoqi

14:00 ~ 14:20 Guest Register, visit the project show

14:20 ~ 14:30 session, introduced to the major leaders and guests will

14:30 ~ 14:40 Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, deputy director of Xia Yingqi speech

14:40 ~ 14:50 Speech Shijingshan District Vice Mayor Wang Hong

14:50 ~ 15:05 Shijingshan Overseas Students Pioneer Park, Park signed with the record left Zhongguancun students to begin a particular fund angel investment cooperation agreement

15:05 ~ 16:15 three students to focus on enterprise promotion and exchange of boutique projects (nationwide)

15:10 ~ 15:30 the first enterprise project description (to be confirmed)

15:30 ~ 15:50 second enterprise project description (to be confirmed)

15:50 ~ 16:15 A third enterprise project description (to be confirmed) Specialist Comments

16:15 ~ 16:45

16:45 ~ 17:00 Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee