Students Solve Difficulties Skillfully Seawater Leverage A

tags Beijing, China-Japan Friendship Environmental Protection Clearing Property. ten:00, 2010 National Middle College eighth Water Science and Technologies Invention Competitors Finals Junior Division is getting carried out in the reply. 10 thousand in the nation entries in Qingdao in the very first two days of 57 judges of their work was aroused interest, the original reply time of 12 minutes, spent 20 minutes.

“They utilised a tiny technology to resolve a huge difficulty.” China Environmental Science Analysis Institute, mentioned an expert evaluation?? Qingdao 57 in the second year students Zhangzi Mu, Li Zhiwei and Cao Ning who completed the 8 “Qingdao Water Resources Investigation cum treatment of seawater intrusion prevention solutions, “project won the competitors (Junior Division) first prize.

Eight junior high college students won the national very first prize with a four-month

Subject leader Zhang Zimu 14 years old 5th grade elementary college, there was a model aircraft in the city won the second prize. 15-year-old Li Zhiwei and Cao Ning, one particular municipal roll student, one particular is the assistant principal. Other students are active in a variety of revolutionary activities.

By the end of January this year, the college received a “National School Water Science and Technology Invention Competition and the Stockholm Junior Water Prize qualifying events in China,” the notice, will be entrusted to them.

In the following winter, they to the water organization, reservoirs, water high quality monitoring stations, sewage treatment plants and so on field analysis.

Took 23 days to locate topics. They discovered that: the current of water (recycled water) in the city making use of only part of the household of flushing, such as production water, green water, constructing water usage is not universal. Is due to saltwater intrusion resulting from the phenomenon of the tide, top to excessive chloride content of water restricted the wide application of water.

Then, they began to explore approaches to resolve the water intrusion.

For a lengthy time, experts with biological and chemical degradation technique to resolve this issue, but this method is likely to result in secondary pollution, and high expense.

Second-year junior higher college physics class, they had just learned of two physical principles: leverage and balance the principle of connected vessels surface.

“If these two principles together, design an automatic gate manage, not to be capable to solve this the dilemma?” The idea for the students excited. They started to split up, design drawings, to do physical model experiments. At this time the college has started, all perform must be completed right after college hours.

Principle seems straightforward, but they encountered a stumbling block?? How to design and style a manage gate. Test fails once again, he saved a thick light drawings on a pile.

Overcome this difficulty, they spent more than two months time?? In a discussion, as a kid remote control auto for young children when they discover inspiration. The original, installed remote handle toy auto, a bar referred to as the vortex turbine gear, they instantly believe of, can be applied to the gate pole vortex turbine control device?