Struggle With The Japanese Group Into The Projection Of Optical Market – In Optics – Education

one hundred 2010 5 18, China South Industries Group under the Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. Optical communication media will be held in Beijing, officially announced the establishment of the Optical Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch to launch own brand “in the optical? COSTRA” Projector Big screen show goods such as completely into the Projection display Market, this is the Optical Group Co., Ltd. in the field of optoelectronic display however an additional significant move, which marked the projector market milestone.

China South Industries Group on the eve of civilian left-Deputy Director, General Manager of Optical Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Shouqi, the Optical Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Gu Yan, general manager of the Group in respect of soldiers mounted photovoltaic business in the determination of the optical Group Co., Ltd. in optical display business improvement techniques and media in-depth communication and exchange.

Projection display marketplace in China as the world’s most potential markets in the globe, has been the battleground of international organizations. China South Industries Group as the world’s five hundred enterprises in the projection show market, strike out, to subvert China’s old pattern of the projection display business, started a new Blue Ocean campaign.

China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation is the central direct management of important state-owned enterprises is the core strength of national defense technologies industry, established much more than 30 global manufacturing base and R &amp D, Marketing Branches, merchandise are sold in more than 170 nations, is now among the globe leading 500. Optical sector as a group of specialized sector segment, with the “Beyond the lead, transformation and upgrading” to the technique of speedy innovation, greatly enhances the core competitiveness, the new optical supplies, optical projection show such as a major breakthrough. Optoelectronics business as soldiers loaded group, a single of the major organizations in the optical group, with a leading optical film in the core Technologies And the largest production capacity. Co-colour prism, TIR prism air gap optical element component of modern international marketplace share of the initial item to form regions of the world’s most full projection show optical element component production capacity with international sophisticated level, LCOS, DLP optical two technologies engine and projection Shot Goods achieved huge-scale production, projection Machine Products have been mass industry. The soul of the nation, lofty ambition exist, concentrate the spirit of the technologies in the creation, struggle and unremitting, Yong Li the forefront of the optical element built up from optical elements, optical elements, expense-powerful projector series machine manufacturing the most total industrial chain.

Thousands of miles across the Yangtze River, Jimu Tianshu. As the photovoltaic industry, national brands, the Optics Group following 40 years of improvement, always adhering to the “Let wisdom shine the light of the future” company philosophy, unity and challenging operate, realistic, cast “in the optical? COSTAR” brand. In the Optics Group have been built world-class optical elements production line, first-class optical film production line, initial-class optical engine production line, matching the non-spherical CNC machining centers and precision machining centers, a national large-scale photovoltaic firms, China National Machinery and 5 hundred and state mechanical and electrical merchandise export base.

Into 2010, the Optical Group in order to additional accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrade, build contemporary industrial method, to boost their core competitiveness, full develop from the improvement, production, advertising and marketing, Sell And service for big screen projection and show products in the field a complete industry chain in Beijing to set up a advertising and marketing, sales projection and huge screen show merchandise and systems applications, and optical show technology-based applications in optical R &amp D Beijing Branch, comprehensive Optical erected advertising and marketing machine, sales, service platforms, driven by marketing top the fast development of production and operation, the full realization of the grand goal of enterprise groups.

In optical Beijing Branch will assume full responsibility for the optical projection display products, brand marketing and advertising, product preparing, channel development and product after-sales service operate, will rely on a powerful core competitiveness of enterprises and strong production, R &amp D capabilities, combined with complete sources integration, item organizing and versatile marketing method, channel technique, will speedily develop on its robust brand, a complete upgrade of the optical brand, reputation and loyalty. Optical Beijing branch will be in the application of revolutionary technology and potential to market, creating the industry’s most sophisticated and most expense-competitive solution portfolio and solutions, determined to create a military-quality, leading a new projection show technology 1st-class solution, as optical display goods and application solutions marketplace leader and eventually supply buyers with far better optical display technology products, applications and solutions to improve operate efficiency and top quality of life, but also for the common channel Cooperation Partners brought a wider market possible and greater returns.