State Forestry Administration Of Forestry Promising Low-carbon Economy – Solar Power, Power – Heat

tags As the United Nations Climate Alter Conference in December is approaching, a low carbon economy at residence and abroad, the new Power And Energy Reduction of details, policy and arranging are emerging.

11 6, the State Forestry Administration Deputy Director of Afforestation, State Forestry Administration to address climate adjust, said Deputy Director Li angry cloud, according to the stage of China’s financial development point of view, due to the Energy Structure, capital and technologies to create low-carbon economy, there are nevertheless some obstacles and issues, and forestry in establishing low-carbon economy, but has no advantage industries. Low-carbon economy is a new theme

Angry cloud, said Lee, a low-carbon economy, ought to be low-carbon development, low-carbon, low carbon technologies, low-carbon life forms and some basic economy. Now the international community that the low carbon economy ought to be at least six elements: 1st, energy efficiency and power conservation Second, optimizing energy structure Third, adjust the industrial structure 4 is to increase the carbon sink forest carbon sinks in particular Fifth, science and technology innovation, primarily by carbon sequestration, carbon capture technologies six are living and consumption patterns alter.

For what is a low carbon economy, the sector has a lot of description. Such as low-carbon economy is the economy with small or no greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, or that the economy “carbon footprint” close to or equal to zero. Some individuals feel that a low carbon economy primarily based on low power consumption, low pollution, low-emission-primarily based economic model of the human society of agricultural and industrial civilizations, following another significant step forward following. Some experts said that low-carbon economy is the core of innovative power technologies and emission reduction technology, industrial and institutional innovation and the concept of human survival and improvement of fundamental adjust.

No matter how defined, one particular point has grow to be the consensus: climate alter, low carbon revolution irreversible. In China, the low-carbon economy will be economic improvement and structural adjustment in the new theme.

Forest?? An essential resource According to Li Yun introduced
anger, forestry has a low carbon economy, there is no advantage industries. This advantage is that forestry is not offered in other industries as an important resource?? Forest.

Very first, the forest is the use of Solar Power The biggest carrier, it not only gives men and women with simple necessities needed physical components, but also to actually absorb carbon dioxide, is safe, true emission reductions.

For forests to absorb carbon dioxide fixation capability, specialist evaluation, China’s current forest vegetation carbon storage is only about the possible worth of carbon storage more than 40%. By strengthening forest management, increase the high quality of the forest, can drastically enhance the forest ecosystem carbon storage capacity.

Second, boost the living environment, supplying high-quality simple situations of life. We speak of low-carbon economy is not a poor economy, in the procedure of establishing a low carbon economy, to give men and women develop good living situations. For example, the forest is a excellent tourism sources, eco-tourism, forest tourism give people a high top quality of life. In addition, the forest can give wellness care oil. Camellia is a great species endemic to China, Camellia oleifera good quality experts now think that far better than olive oil. If the cultivation and improvement of 9,000 mu of high-yield oil tea, Camellia create 4,500,000 tons annually, will enable China’s edible oil imports fell 50%, you can also release one particular million mu of arable land to grow food rapeseed cultivation.

The other is the development of forestry biomass power. Forests are second only to coal, Oil , The fourth biggest all-natural gas strategic energy sources, has a renewable, biodegradable traits, but also not competing with food, not compete with the grain, the time after planting can continue to use the advantage of a number of decades, is much promising emerging green power. The main supply of forest biomass utilizing forest fruit extract bio-diesel, or utilized to power heating plant fiber. In the petrochemical, coal are depleted scenario, the improvement of forestry biomass power has grow to be the world’s major energy substitution strategy decision.

Angry cloud, mentioned Lee, forestry measures to promote financial sustainable improvement and safeguarding ecological security, protection of human nicely-becoming of low-carbon choices.

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