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tags Ink management primarily by means of the ink hue, color strength, light fastness properties of ink colour detection to obtain the high quality control parameters to eradicate color cast from the source.

Ink direct impact on the quality of Print Colour accuracy and stability. Flexography used Water-primarily based ink With low viscosity, low pollution features. Ink management mostly by means of the ink hue, colour strength, light fastness properties of ink colour detection to achieve the good quality manage parameters to eradicate color cast from the source. Ink can be detected and associated components suppliers, printing companies themselves may possibly also be detected.

1, ink hue, color strength test
Hue, color strength is the ink detection of standard products, they are a excellent influence on the color of ink. Hue is the colour of the specific qualities of ink, in optics corresponds to a particular wavelength, the frequency of light, such as: red, yellow and blue hue refers to the ink. Ink color strength is a kind of one more ink color adjustments affect the size of the degree. Deployment of spot-color ink, and when 1 of the original hue of ink or a change, bring up the spot color ink will alter colour. For instance, when the original ink yellowish hue than just before when the deployment of a spot colour ink will have to enhance the effect of yellow if the original red colour of ink stronger force, would have the effect of enhanced red. When this colour deviation over a specific variety, the visual can be found, leading to customer complaints. As a result, making sure the correctness of the printing ink hue and color strength of stability is very critical to control print color.

two, hue test Provided on the new ink, generally to adjust its viscosity to the viscosity on the plane, with press proofing, to printing out this field colour ink-like, or transfer this ink in the improvement of a very good color wheel on the pressure drop a handful of drops to a certain degree of pressure, speed of printing surface drag, playing as a colour display like a ribbon. Observed effect of these proofs, even if the ink layer is smooth, excellent color, has some luster, solid ink concentration, colour identical supplier requirements Color Card (Can be created obtainable ink factory) is consistent, indicated that this ink hue to meet the specifications. The desirability of a particular quantity of the final inspection of the ink sealed to serve as a reference when the subsequent wet hue detection of color samples.

, Who have utilized ink, this ink viscosity can be transferred to the optimum worth, the colour wheel to play with the improvement of good-like, with the final fight to retain certified version of the standard colour samples or color samples had been compared, it can be an initial test hue line. Another method is to be detected with the last test certified ink wet ink color samples, colour wheel on the show about 1cm away from the handful of drops, parallel layout.

Paper edition at this time will remain in the fight of two adjacent ribbons, two ribbons can be controlled more accurately determine whether or not the exact same hue.

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