Speed Up The Upgrading Of China’s Radio Sector


Motorola’s communications items, according to Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Xin introduction of the last century 70’s, Motorola’s 1st digital technologies into the design and style of wireless walkie-talkie in 1975 to produce the encrypted digital voice walkie-talkie, in 1980 developed a digital information reduction systems. At present, Shenzhen HYT Science &amp Technologies Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tian Li Tong Details Technologies Co., Ltd., has a digital radio merchandise.

“With the development of radio communications technologies, folks are essential to enhance the good quality of wireless communications, as nicely as the increasing shortage of spectrum sources, digital radio will have a large marketplace demand. At present, worldwide demand for digital radio is also escalating, in distinct, in the Department of Public Safety. “description, according to Wang Xin, digital radio has a lot of positive aspects: 1st, you can make better use of spectrum resources. With digital technologies equivalent to cellular and digital radio channels at a specified load more customers and improve spectral efficiency, which is a solution to frequency congestion plan, with a extended-term significance Second, it could effectively boost get in touch with quality. As digital communications technologies have the method error correction function, and analog radio than in a wider variety of the signal atmosphere for greater voice audio high quality, which received some of the audio will be less noise, sound, and far more clear three digital radio can also boost and enhance the voice and information integration, change manage signals with the communication distance increases to decrease vulnerability. With equivalent integrated analog voice and data systems, the digital radio can give much better data processing and interface capabilities, so that far more information applications can be integrated into a single structure of two-way wireless communication base stations, permitting voice and data solutions better integrated and far more hassle-free. These three qualities have determined the future of digital radio will turn out to be the development trend of walkie-talkie.

In the European and American markets in 2003, digital radio and analog radio ratio is 2:8, by 2004, becomes a five:5 is anticipated this year, its proportion will be eight:two. “This alter also reflects the improvement of digital radio is the direction.” Xin Wang says.

The sector believes that analog radio to digital technologies improvement, help improve the radio market, the general top quality and level. But also for enterprise technologies and strength of the test will make radio business to re-shuffle, a quantity of disadvantaged companies in danger of becoming out of position.

“Despite the fact that representatives of the digital trend, but is already very mature analog technologies, in a extremely lengthy period of time will continue to style services for the walkie-talkie, digital walkie-talkie in a quick time can not be replaced analog walkie-talkie.” According to Chinese Radio Sports Association Office Liu Tao, China’s relative to the rest of the globe, walkie-talkie marketplace, the gap is very large. Although in recent years along with rapid economic development, the use of walkie-talkies have created quickly, but its volume and penetration with a fantastic gap among European and American markets. “At present, numerous domestic manufacturers for a big quantity of walkie-talkie radio is nonetheless in the trial and exploratory stage, is nevertheless the main production simulation walkie-talkie.”

According to Liu Tao, at present analog walkie-talkie technology is already really mature, the important device has been very reputable, in terms of contact high quality and cost-effective from the simple functions and point of view, totally meet the different industries, distinct levels of user requirements, the user can adapt to various customer levels needs. “The digital radio is costly, are normally utilized for command and dispatch, government departments and massive enterprises. Although most of the walkie-talkie customers is another group of customers, a big quantity of low price tag would have been acceptable. Therefore, no matter whether in China or in many of the globe region, analog radio will continue to occupy a longer period of time most of the market place share of walkie-talkie. “Tao predicts that digital radio only if the price down substantially, and its technology is also far more manufacturers to master all kinds of diverse grade digital walkie-talkie for diverse user groups can be accepted, the digital radio will it be possible to replace the simulator.