Space based solar power versus ground based solar power


CITATIONManchandani, H. (2017). Space based solar power versus ground based solar power.International Journal Of Research And Engineering, 4(11), 260-262. doi:10.21276/ijre.2017.4.11.1

Author(s): Hanshul Manchandani

Affiliation(s): Marine Engineering & Research Institute, Kolkata

Abstract: This paper aims to give a comparison between space based solar energy and ground based solar energy ,their efficiencies and the cost of transporting a specially designed solar power plant into space with current technology. Also this paper will suggest a ways to transmit energy received by the solar power plant at space back on earth. It is a scientific approach to determine which method is better in terms of efficiency and the practicalities such as cost and reliability of the method. The efficiencies of technologies used will be of the highest order that humanity has ever created. This study’s conclusion indicates that space based solar power has a huge leap when compared to ground based solar power. Further research must be done to elevate this idea.

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