SoundRacer V12


On the outdoors, you may possibly appear like a mild-mannered model member of society – but on the inside you are a non-conformist, a rule breaker who likes to push the boundaries and live on the edge. (Aren’t we all?) And on the outside your vehicle may well appear like a modern, ultra-economical, eco-friendly set of wheels – but with SoundRacer on the inside it becomes a demon V12 that’s hungry for speed!
This is a single wild automobile accessory! Just plug it into your car’s 12 volt socket (that is the cigarette lighter socket), pick a frequency for the vehicle stereo receiver and the SoundRacer mimics the sound of a racecar employing your car’s stereo! It is outstanding!
The SoundRacer V12 senses and calculates your vehicle engine RPMs and matches it with just the proper engine sound effects. Regardless of whether you happen to be accelerating, decelerating, shifting gear, cruising the highway or idling – you will feel you’re driving a genuine supercar!
SoundRacer operates on most models of vehicle in the planet – which includes automatics. Regardless of whether you know somebody who’s just got their first automobile or your grandmother thinks she’s Mario Andretti – it makes a wonderful present for drivers of all ages. (Even better if you can plug it in without them seeing you, the look on their face will be priceless.)
The SoundRacer will also operate as a common Auto FM transmitter for MP3 players, featuring a line in socket for playing music on your car stereo (3.5 mm stereo cable incorporated).
Give your vehicle the grunt you have constantly dreamed of – with the V12 SoundRacers. And often don’t forget, it’s what is on the inside that counts.
Product dimensions: three.5(H) x 4.six(W) x 11.5(D) cm / 1.four(H) x 1.eight(W) x 4.5(D) inches.
The SoundRacer V12 connects to a car’s 12 volt cigarette lighter socket.
SoundRacer has a developed a unique technologies to sense and calculate the vehicle engine RPM and produce the sounds of a effective Super Sports Car engine. The sound adjustments as you drive and SoundRacer even increases the speed of the engine sound so that you can drive at a typical speed and nonetheless get a quite thrilling engine sound.
A built in FM transmitter transfers the sounds on a selectable frequency to the vehicle stereo method.
It also works as a normal Car FM-transmitter for MP3 players, such as iPod and iPhone, with a line in socket that offers an input for playing music on the automobile stereo. A 3.5 mm stereo cable is supplied.
SoundRacer V12 is Packaged in a intelligent present box, it is presented on a tiny chequered flag.