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tags Campus Card Management Evaluation Present universities in the management of campus card application there are a lot of troubles, primarily in the following locations:

1, since the fast improvement of card applications, college units and progressively establish their own card applications, resulting in students who at present hold much more than one particular card.

2, campus networks have been established relatively late, so that management can not be unified college units.

3, at present, the university campus network into operation, the establishment of the campus card system provides the possibility of radio frequency IC card application system is maturing for the campus card technique set up to give technical assistance, inside the campus Card management has grow to be an inevitable trend of improvement of campus management.

Our Campus Card Information Management Method is aimed at universities and secondary specialized schools, the management of large style, and strive to adjust the a lot of difficulties pointed out above, the systems integration of advanced RF IC card technology and network communication technology enables a cartoon and a multi-application card management can be accomplished.

Style plan 1, card style (1) mixture card program functions according to your college, campus card developed for portrait card, barcode card, IC card 3 in one particular combination of radio frequency card, kaki material choice PVC material, stunning, generous, durable. To make the campus student ID card is also a library card, but also to obtain internal card spending (cafeteria dining, Personal computer Lab, INTELNETH on-line billing, purchasing consumption, bathing charges, access authentication, book lending, attendance management, and so forth.) and the query (the study and the outcomes query, card customer inquiries, products to obtain inquiries, and so on.). l kaki fine print signature pattern of campus card printer by l constructive student photos, student number, name, departments, classes, address, valid travel routes and other information. l Use the back of the card and the printed notes, printed student bar.

(2) a single plan is mostly employed for contactless identification, electronic purse applications, functions consumer information and records, as students and faculty in schools of the documents employed in teaching, management and other aspects of everyday life and their need to recognize and management of fundamental details and the place of the corresponding fees, to implement a multi-objective card, wise card use.

two, style (1): the card is only set up an electronic wallet, purse sharing (that is, the charging technique share a single electronic wallet), card, prepaid card issuing centers in the quantity and so the college to the point of consumption with the unit consumption report settlement.

(2): establishment of a quantity of electronic purse cards, regional management of the card, the customer point of their own pre-paid amount, the consumer point of consumption in their own statements to the college accounted for.

Soft campus card technique “Soft IC card Campus Card” series of items contain: soft-campus card technique in the management platform, instruction card, card room, dining card, attendance card, access control card, consumer card, Library Card, investigation card, healthcare card, charge card, the soft yellow professional system, anti-Campus IC card application management technique, as outlined beneath:

soft campus card technique management platform

Management platform supplies a flexible interface extension, through sophisticated non-speak to IC card, campus card can be realized (the canteen, Laptop Lab, retailer, bath charges, access authentication, book lending, appraisal and management ).

Major functions: 1. Status Management: class upkeep, teacher records, student records, query

two.IC card management: verify card, modify / create operation card, card, fill card, report the loss / de pegged sales card, blacklist

3. Monetary Management: accounts, recharge, refund, transfer, frozen, cancel the account, billing, user queries, log Query