So You Wanna Know How to Get Into Grad School in Psychology?


Gaining admission to grad college is not specifically quantum physics, but there is a science that successful students adhere to to prevent their application from ending up in the rejection pile. If you happen to be applying to grad college in psychology, probabilities are that you are familiar with the following words: Sensible, intelligent, stellar, and exceptional, and hey, possibly you’ve even been fortune sufficient to have been referred to as a nerd a time or two. Trust me, it is OK. I’ve heard the same issue much more than when myself. Or maybe you’re not exactly employed to the “intelligent kid” therapy. Maybe you just have a all-natural talent and passion for counseling other individuals – and being a psychologist is your dream.

There is a point in all of this, which is, no matter how you have created an interest in grad college, your application will likely be a single of many hundred competing for a spot on the rookie team of 1st-year students. Lucky for you there is a strategy to making an application package that stands out from the competitors and earns the stamp of approval from the admissions committee. The crucial is realizing the ideas and methods to demonstrate that you could be the greatest psychologist ever as a result of their education.

Ask me how I know this. Just a few years ago I was in your footwear. I had accomplished properly as a psychology major and knew I wanted to apply to grad college. I had excellent grades. I did a pretty good job on the GRE. I would be a shoo-in. Wrong. At the time, I knew quite little about how to assemble a fantastic application package. I had to apply 3 different times – each and every time understanding far more essential details than the final – prior to I received my very first acceptance letter. Identical grades, exact same GRE scores. And I gained admission into one of the leading graduate applications in psychology. Even earned a Ph.D. Not also shabby.

Just since I was clueless does not imply that you have to be. In that spirit, I designed this web site to cover all of the need to have-to-know data about how to gain admisisons to the graduate plan of your choice. Way back when, I could only have dreamed of getting all of this accessible information at my fingertips, a lot much less someone at the other end of a wireless connection to answer my inquiries about grad college. (OK so I wasn’t specifically applying for grad college back in the Dark Ages, but you get my drift.) If it is your selection to earn a masters, Psy.D., or Ph.D., there is no cause why you should not get your very personal acceptance letter, as extended as you’re armed with the correct information.