Sneak Peak Of The Plus C-12s Electronic Captureboard

tags “Capture” the image projected on the screen along with all of the notes and comments written on the screen into a single file on you personal computer! The unique surface of the CaptureBoard allows you to project a 60″ image without reflection or glare, whilst at the exact same time enabling you to write on the surface with PLUS dry-erase markers. Make annotations to the projected image and then employing the CaptureBoard software program, save the projected image and the handwritten comments collectively as a single digital image file. The saved file, with each the projected image and the handwritten notes, can then be printed or emailed for distribution so that every person has an precise copy of the meeting notes. Use it as a hassle-free reference point for future projects. Like other PLUS merchandise, the CaptureBoard was made for ease-of-use. There is minimal set-up and the interface is intuitive and demands little training to master. The CaptureBoard can be utilized in virtually endless enterprise, meeting and presentation environments. And the CaptureBoard’s simplicity of design and ease-of-use guarantees that it will get employed all the time. New Header &amp Footer choice – Jhis feature automatically adds firm logos and identifiers to the printed or saved documents. Performing so helps preserve meeting records organized and extends the utility of the documents. Integrated PLUS TOOLBOX software program – All of the settings and operations of the board can be easily accessed when utilizing a connected Computer. Basic Plug&ampPlay recognition of the board indicates that the PLUS TOOLBOX menu automatically pops up on the Pc screen when the Computer and board are connected by way of a USB cable. This is a change from the earlier software which essential the settings to be adjusted model by model. Enhanced Security – Several security functions have been added in response to those clients who expressed a need to keep proprietary information from getting accessed when the board is utilised in a typical room or shared space. The new security characteristics consists of: (1) A password to lock and stop access the board’s settings. (2) A setting to block access to the boards internal data from a Computer. (three) A setting to disable the use of a USB memory stick. (four) A setting to disable the capacity to print from the boards internal memory. (five) The Erase Reminder feature, which reminds the user to erase any writing &amp drawings which could have been inadvertently left on the scrolled surface of the board. Modern Style and Cable Management – The physical design of the 12 Series has been updated to far better suit the appear of the contemporary office. Off-white has been used for the colour scheme to achieve a softer look. They have also been developed to keep a clean and organized appearance. The AC adapter can be concealed in a box underneath the printer tray and unsightly cables can be hidden in the cable covers. Print and/or e-mail your Hand-Written notes in digitally

Swift Overview

* Combine projected and written material into a single file
* Distinctive surface makes it possible for for a clear projected photos and dry-eraser writing
* 2 Writing Panels
* USB Memory Stick port
* USB port for Direct Pc Connectivity
* USB port for an on-board printer
* Lightweight style for added portability
* Wall mountable or partition mounting
* Optional stand with casters allows for simple room-to-room transfer

Further Data

Manufactured In: China
Manuf Part # 44-872
Model C-12S
Shipping Weight 95
Anticipated Ship Date Next Enterprise Day
Weight 95.0000
Warranty One Year for Components, 90 Days for Labor
Dimensions 58″ (W) x 28″ (D) x 78″(H) with stand
Offered Stand Yes
Integrated Printer No
Interface USB
Panel Surfaces 2
Paper Type Plain
Writing Space 50″W x 35″H / 1280mm x 900 mm
Supported OS Windows

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