Snapchat Introduces New Glasses with Built-in Camera Snapchat Introduces New Glasses with Built-in Camera

Snapchat Introduces New Glasses with Built-in Camera

Facebook technical director Mike Schröpfer admitted that the company has never been monitored for third-party applications. Including the one with which over 80 million people have leaked from the social network. He told about this in the parliamentary committee of Britain – there the main techie Facebook was called to the hearing, after the founder of the company Mark Zuckerberg refused to come.

But the psychologist Alexander Kogan came – the creator of the quiz application, through which data was collected. He argued – in his rules of use, it was initially said that he could sell and transfer information to third parties. And for a year and a half of work, no one from Facebook has forbidden it. Schröpfer explained today how it happened: nobody checked the conditions of applications.

And when parliamentarians were asked why Facebook did not report a leak to users and Internet regulators immediately after it became known, Schröpfer said that the company simply underestimated the problem.

Mike Schröpfer, senior technical director at Facebook: “You know, at the time we thought the issue was resolved, we received confirmation from all parties that the data was deleted.” The problem was that the developer used our platform, collected the data, and then resold the data to a third party, while we thought that it was the resale of the data of another company that was the problem, we thought the problem was solved. ”

Interestingly, unlike Mark Zuckerberg, who almost all accused the developer of the Kogan quiz, Schroepfer acknowledged the errors of Facebook for all five hours of the hearings and promised that now the company has changed the approach to working with user data.

However, neither the scandal with the data leak, nor the subsequent action “Facebook removals” did not affect the financial results. The largest social network reported on the results of the first quarter: the company’s profit amounted to $ 5 billion. This is a billion more than planned. Compared to the same period last year, profits increased by more than 60 percent. After the publication of the report, Facebook shares increased by 10 percent.

And now to other news. Youth social network Snapchat began selling a new version of glasses with a built-in camera, Spectacles. This is the second edition, improved and updated – the higher resolution of the camera and the picture from it promises to be better, more compact in folded form and easier synchronization with the smartphone. However, the footage, you can still unload first only in the social network Snapchat and only then somewhere else.

But interesting in this story is another: this is the last of the projects of portable electronics in the form of glasses and again not too successful. It seems like an obvious and actively promoted by futurists format, it was not easy to translate into reality. Almost all projects at best remained at the level of prototypes or small series.

Even such as the expensive, multi-year Glass Glass program, which was the first serious attempt, but also, as a result, as a mass device did not work. And only a week ago the promising project of Intel Vaunt died. A lot was expected of him because the glasses were beautiful, though smart.

The fact is that in the failure of Google Glass in the consumer market, many blamed their man-made appearance. It’s a gadget, not a fashion accessory. But Spectacles – this is the glasses. Let not very smart (in fact, just a portable video, and now a camera), but a clear appearance.

Plus, another amazing marketing strategy at the start: the first version was sold at first only through the yellow machines that appeared in random places. In general, it was possible to create an excitement, but not for long. They sold only 220,000 pairs, and lost $ 40 million on this because they expected to sell at times more. With the second version of the promise to not repeat mistakes and move smart glasses to the masses. There are no plans for Russia yet.

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