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Smokebot Chicago electronic cigarettes are the most sophisticated electronic cigarette offered these days. It has soft tip cartridge, the most recent state of the art technologies that genuinely looks like the actual tobacco cigarette. It is powered by a lithium ion battery referred to as “bots”, and has an indicator light for one particular to gauge if it requirements recharging. The cartridge or the “smoke” has a customized chamber to home the liquid nicotine solution. When this cartridge is fastened to its battery, the solution is heated up and turns it into vapor. You basically have to sip in the vapor and puff it out the way you do a genuine cigarette.

Smokebot Chicago electronic cigarettes are easy to use, light, and handy and come in various flavors like classic tobacco, jolt juice, mountain menthol, really vanilla and mocha mist. It also has the charger pack exclusively compatible to the Smokebot soft tip electronic cigarette.

Smokebot Chicago electronic cigarettes provide different flavors according to the smokers’ options. It has the traditional tobacco for those who really like the smooth blend of tobacco. Mountain menthol is for lovers of the cool mountain breeze, whilst jolt juice is for melancholic guys who necessary a jolt. Quite vanilla is for vanilla lovers, and mocha mist is for coffee-loving people. For those who love all the 5 flavors, Smokebot provides a variety pack for you to take pleasure in them.

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