Sliding Door Hardware: Installing Sliding Closet Doors

tags We have all had it happen. Our sliding closet doors start to come off the track, they are old, or they are just plain ugly. Most people dread the concept of obtaining to attempt to put in new sliding closet doors. You could believe it is as well hard, or as well large of a job. Whilst it my not be a simple 5-minute job, putting in new sliding closet doors does not have to be a dreaded activity. By basically following these simple steps, you will be capable to replace these old, ugly, worn out sliding closet doors in no time at all.

Tools and Materials Needed

– Drill
– Screwdrivers
– Tape Measure
– Security Glasses
– Hacksaw
– Pencil

Choose Your Room and Style

This is one of the most fun parts of this job. Once you have selected the room you want to hang your new sliding doors in, then you can take some time to decide on what style of sliding doors you want. Pick the style you want, normally something that matches the rest of your dcor will function very best.

*If you pick unfinished doors, then paint or stain them before you hang/install.

Take away Old Doors

Go ahead and lift the old doors up and out away from the tracks. Most of these sorts of doors really ride on the overhead track (the bottom track is for guiding the door). There is most likely a tiny lever that you can hold down to release the door off of its track. If not, then just lift the door out of the track and proceed.

*Be sure to wear your security glasses in the course of this process, as you dont want debris flying into your eyes.

Eliminate All Old Hardware

You wont need to have any of the old hardware, as your new doors need to have come with every thing required. Use your screwdriver and get rid of all of the old screws that are holding the tracks in location. You can also get rid of all brackets and discard them.

Measure the New Track

Use the old track to measure the right length. As soon as you get the appropriate measurements, go ahead and take a hacksaw and cut the new track exactly where needed. Place the new track where the old track was.

*It may possibly be beneficial to have a pal hold the track in spot although you place in the new screws.

If your new track has distinct placement for screws, then take your drill and/or hammer and nail it into the appropriate position for the new screws. Make sure that the screws are effectively sealed, but at the identical time not also tight, as you dont want to warp the track.

Hang the New Doors

Place the bottom track on the floor and then hang the door. To properly hang, hang the back sliding door, then the front sliding door. Permit the doors to hang till they discover the center of the bottom track. As soon as this position is identified, mark the position of the decrease track on the doorjamb, then mark each screw hole along the floor.

Attach the reduced track, and then re-hang the doors once more beginning with the back door. Attach the doors to the reduce track and slide them gently back and forth. Now you can appreciate the smooth and gently sliding and gliding of your new doors.