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tags Higher marketplace share in the international SKF, Asia-Pacific region is a extremely large market place, of which China is particularly important. 1907 set up offices in Shanghai in 1912, again returned to China in 1986 also points in Shanghai, consignment SKF, this time problem is also Shanghai. Rumor commercial bribery and client complaints result in the person in charge Shanghai Ding Hao Dong Desheng be relevant departments for investigation, and thus pull out of its behind Nanjing Ding Yang Technology (Ding Hao’s wholly-owned parent organization, SKF also for numerous years Proxy Organization. ) Boss Zhu, see Chang, most were concerned about Zhu, see Chang and Asia Pacific president Zhuang Meiji bribery relationship. Rio Tinto iron ore buttoned

, international businesses do anything to seize the Chinese market, swiftly got utilised to soil and water, and the agent collude to deceive the purchaser is currently a common enterprise phenomenon. But with strict international biggest recognized Bearing President of Asia Pacific Business SKF broke Shanghai Ding Hao Chinese agents bribery case, it is eye-popping. Ding Yang Technology, Nanjing

there is where on such a blatantly supernatural powers in the country, mainly due to SKF Asia Pacific Zhuangmei Ji and Zhu, see Chang secretly colluded to get the much better exchange of interests as agency policy also weight. Shanghai Ding and Zhu Hao and several other affiliated companies, see Chang-connected, are a combination of a bond of interest, the difficulty of Ding Hao Zhuang Meiji final pull-out is logical! Zhuangmei Ji owned more than 10 years golf membership, like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, no knee, Ningbo and other domestic super-luxury golf course, generally all the regional agency in Nanjing, East China Ding Yang Location, living in China, despite the fact that not in its luxury villas name, but also offered by the Chang Chu See.

2010 4 21, this should be held in Huangshan area dealer notified the Basic Assembly all of a sudden canceled due to the fact President Zhuang Meiji to obtain emergency guidelines back to Europe. This time, head of Shanghai Ding Hao Dong Desheng difficulty for some time, but the investigation is precisely relevant agencies SKF Asia Pacific close to the alleged industrial bribery and improper operation, to receive illegal rewards and other concerns. Zhu, see Chang is an urgent rush and amongst Shanghai and Nanjing, the Trustee resolved Dong Desheng around the dilemma. Years Sell Very easily hundreds of millions of lucrative SKF agents, I serve a complete ten years, was the proper mixture of cash, the agent method and the appropriate to corrosion by funds tendering process, the basic is to agents as a link to the International president of the biggest beneficiaries of the status quo.

Our individuals will always be fooled by these objects, the procurement of the tremendous interest, in fact, are constructed on leading of our wealth of malicious deprivation. One particular is the manufacturers tried their very best to intervene so that maximum benefits, one particular is to construct bridges so that unscrupulous agents the proper to market place and ultimately if one thing takes place prior to their authors will help to facilitate the vote with their feet, and constitute a disturbing commercial order for Shanghai Ho is becoming beat up beat. SKF item Agents 1997 Nanjing Ding Yang, president of the Asia Pacific region alone Zhuang Meiji property when the sale of industrial calculation in accordance with the gray cover at least tens of millions, but can rise to the legal elements of the accountability challenging to attain owing to numerous reasons, Any sign of trouble, rapidly leave the territory.

I hope the strength of Rio Tinto case in SKF Asia Pacific president who seems certain is that: as lengthy as a verify in the end, Ding Yang, Nanjing, Shanghai Ding Hao and Zhuang Meiji front crash of industrial bribery. Is also a clean enterprise environment for customer protection SKF international brand image, a strong market position SKF, it is essential for such improper collusion in between abnormal strict disposal.

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