Shuangliu County Will Concentrate On The Improvement Of Photovoltaic Market

tags Chengdu Science and Technology Council led the preparation of Chengdu, “” Eleventh Five-Year “development arranging significant projects to implement the system,” and proposed the development of photovoltaic market in Chengdu core technologies supporting item improvement and industrialization of the particular, initially formed in 2010 in Chengdu optoelectronics business cluster improvement trend , the annual revenue of far more than 15 billion yuan sales target. Establish the higher-tech zones, Shuangliu County focus on optoelectronics market focus.

1, Chengdu Optical Sector Overview (Shuangliu County)

Shuangliu County has the CAS Institute of Opto and Keao Da Group and other optoelectronic industry practically 10 crucial enterprises, to develop optoelectronic market chain has a pretty good basis. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of the photonics technology optical study in the major position, while four Chuankeaoda businesses and emerging hope Suniland frequency of Sichuan, Chengdu Yangtze Communication, Eastern organizations such as optical disc technology research outcomes and promote the use of developed very good condition. Therefore, the Shuangliu County need to seize the chance of establishing the western area to the core of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Optoelectronics, integration of current investigation institutions, universities, technical strength and the formation of parks, the formation of complementary resources, study, and investigation, so that progressively turn into Shuangliu has an critical position in the western optoelectronic info sector research and improvement, production base and higher-tech enterprise incubators and higher-tech personnel training base.

To generate a photovoltaic business chain to supply powerful policy help, the county government will formulate a series of inter such as project approval, enterprise registration, license processing, land use, taxation and human resources support and technology transfer in incentives, but also have under up “to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation, the improvement of the implementation of high-tech industrialization opinions”, “Shuangliu County?? Chengdu Branch of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Achievements incubation fund management (for Trial Implementation)”, “science and technologies incentives Shuangliu County “a series of policy measures. Meanwhile, the county’s three million yuan each and every year will Technologies Promotion, 500 million scientific and technological achievements incubation SME development funds and 20 million yuan funds to tilt optoelectronics sector, to produce photovoltaic market chain to give a powerful economic security.

Second, photoelectric industrial park in Chengdu Shuangliu

Chengdu Optical Co., Ltd. are owned 4 Chuankeaoda completed in a complete restructuring of operate, thoroughly implement the national “863”, “development of high technology and industrialization,” the goal to accelerate the national “863 Project” achievements industrialization, and actively organizations and to declare the “State 863 Strategy Business photoelectron outcomes (Sichuan) base.” In the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician and five provincial Science and Technologies Advisory Group dozens of professors “pulse”, the county has decided to use its resources to develop photovoltaic business chain and creating China’s “Optical Valley West.”

By 4 Chuankeaoda cooperation with Shuangliu county to establish a “500 acres of Chengdu photonics technologies business base”, the 1st phase of 300 acres has been completed the general design and style program and begin implementation. “Chengdu Photonics Technologies Park” will be the Chinese Academy of Sciences photoelectric industrial park incubator of innovation and technologies base for the photoelectron to the CAS Chengdu high-tech industrial park as the core zone, radiation throughout the Southwest Airport Financial Improvement Zone and Sichuan optoelectronics business, the park will be by means of the improvement organizing, improving infrastructure, integration of different production factors and resources and produce a favorable investment atmosphere for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mechanisms to guide and encourage enterprises to engage in optoelectronics sector. At the moment, the park is the first intense phase of the project implementation, has completed the building of two buildings, the first phase of the park’s project: Specific optical components, optical coating, optical lens processing, healthcare optical instruments, the “863 Plan” lithography Machine Market, “863 Plan” of laser show sector, laser processing gear, photoelectric sensors, plastic optical elements product line, optical communications.

Existing improvement priorities Shuangliu optoelectronics industry has been established, priority will be the development of information technology and optoelectronics items, fiber optic cable and raw components, power, photonics technologies and goods, and strive to form powerful in 2005, photovoltaic business chain, the output worth 1.2 billion yuan, tax 2 billion, as Shuangliu one more new economic development point, constructed in the true sense of China’s “Optical Valley west.” In the construction of the Chengdu Shuangliu optoelectronic sector base, progressively Chengdu?? Leshan optoelectronics industry belt. 1,200 acres of the Chengdu base in photonics technologies business base, has also been gathered, which includes Keao Da Optoelectronics, which includes almost 10 key enterprises.