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tags “Our third quarter to be 50 000 units of capacity.” Hong Hop Technologies Projection common manager of Extended Xudong Sell The third quarter is anticipated to also reflect the massive getting prospective of education business. Education is the third quarter a year market procurement season, even though in 2009 even though some customers have advance buy, but schools focus on the procurement of the third quarter, is still in a position to comprehensive the key vendors and channel important annual sales targets 3 months.

Daheng Show Technologies Division Sales Director, Yao stated that in recent years, the education sector procurement mature, much more and more inclined to a fixed pattern. Procurement models, the 2500 ~ 3000 lumens XGA equipment in current years most of the education market Tender Mainstream models, but rates are among game makers, the comparatively fixed in the up and down 5,000 yuan or much less, fixed acquiring patterns and low obtain price, but also tends to make the teaching profession Projector Agents to additional compress margins.

And digital whiteboard combined with a quick focus projector answer, in the education sector this year to turn out to be a hot spot of the industry. Space is reasonably modest in the previous or not lifting particular occasions, short-focus projection is the primary user to the remedy, application of this mode of brief concentrate projector market place is reasonably tiny. And now, with the substantial use of interactive whiteboard, brief-focus projector brands and sorts have also been great to see. It is precisely because the short focus – white board solutions are also companies do profit education sector as a highlight.

NEC Solution Manager Liu Zheng is expected in the future with intelligent whiteboard projector sales, and other programs will show a combination of surge predicament. In the future, users concentrate on the short projection distance is no limit, but the makers point of view, it will discover the very best balance. “The current quick-focus projector NEC can be projected to attain 1 m 2 80-inch format, and next year we will launch a user-selectable added accessories, creating additional shorten the projection distance. If the user sufficient price range, then naturally you can use a shorter system. “Liu Zheng introduced.

Solutions for interactive education, Lenovo has also released a quick-focus projector, to help the short-focus projector plus whiteboard project. “Brief-focus projector market will be hot this year.” Wang Jun mentioned, this year, “the market about digital whiteboard industry about 30,000, if the most optimistic expectations are equipped with short-concentrate gear whiteboard, then, this year sales will be brief-focus a comparatively huge boost. “

Focus projection in the brief field, reflective and constructive investment style is the present two principal projection Technologies . Hitachi earlier into the short-focus projector industry vendors take a short focal reflective technologies, via the mirror reflection to attain a shorter projection distance, projection distance of the advantage of a lot shorter than the type getting cast, but the disadvantage is the adjustment and setup really challenging, if uneven surface of whiteboard and transmission out of the image could be trapezoidal. The investment style is a quick concentrate projector by way of the fish eye Shot To attain brief-concentrate image, the projection distance reflecting greater demand on the projector to be much, but its benefit is fairly straightforward to adjust and install, but the crane can also be flexible way to save space. Presently, firms use each technologies and products are not unusual, what is a technologies which can turn out to be the dominant brief-concentrate projection in the field, is nevertheless unpredictable.

InFocus Interactive projector’s upcoming new product was the company’s focus as a whiteboard and brief an alternative resolution. This resolution combines a projector and wireless manage systems, including technology like smart white board and white board to enhance current programs and brief concentrate projector fixed position, not moving, installation and debugging difficult short board.

Quick concentrate from what can carry the projector market, profit margins on the education industry expectations? Hong closure Xudong introduction, education, procurement of digital whiteboard in the business, about 30% to 40% will be equipped with brief-concentrate projector, which signifies that China’s education industry in the quick sales of Coke machines around the million or so, this and the education industry, the expected size of practically one hundred 000 units compared to a drop in the ocean nevertheless.

Insiders said that if the Ministry of Education to focus in black and white to improve the brief system whiteboard to create the relevant provisions of the procurement strategy, short-focus projector on the industry blossom close.

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