Shenzhen Will Be The 1st Developing Components Air Transport Business Networking Platform – Net

tags March 26, by the Air Transport Association, Shenzhen, the “wisdom of Shenzhen,” Air Transport of Things Electronic Invoices and wireless sensor networking to market items in the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport Data Command Center on the 1st floor Meeting Meeting area. Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Trade and Market and the Information Committee, Management Committee, Shenzhen Airport, Shenzhen Transportation Committee and other leaders attended the meeting, with much more than 80 guests and professionals on how to develop items, Shenzhen, networking advice to the air transport industry.

It is reported that the advance by the Air Transport Association and Shenzhen, Tsinghua University Institute of the proposal to convene. Received Guangdong Province and Information Committee, Shenzhen Airport Division of Transportation Commission, Shenzhen Trade and Business and Information Technology Commission, Common Administration of Civil Aviation of China, Shenzhen Safety Administration, Guangdong Province, radio frequency (RFID) Standardization Committee, Guangdong Provincial Institute of Standardization, China Civil Aviation Data Network shares restricted Company , China Mobile Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. obtain a letter such as government departments and assistance units. The purpose is to advance with the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China’s electronic manifest details network and electronic sensor info platform construction operate plans, follow the scientific concept of improvement to scientific and democratic spirit, to promote the “intellectual property, Shenzhen air transport network” industries.

Shenzhen Air Transport Association, Mr. Zhu Qingfeng come to the venue, the opening ceremony for the Basic Assembly. Zhu, president, said: “Shenzhen as the forefront of reform and opening up, as an crucial national hub airports, active improvement of a modern day air transport network standardization house development, will aid the Shenzhen occupy strategic regions in the shipping position. Air transport network of construction materials also Shenzhen Airlines will market the networking industry, workflow house information, to promote Technologies Harmonization of requirements, promotion of intelligent organization model, established to market the integration of R &amp D, manufacturing, and service all aspects of big-scale industrial chain formed in Shenzhen. To Shenzhen in the future air transportation network in the development of material technology and business to occupy the high ground. For the sustained and wholesome improvement of Shenzhen’s economy to power. “

Shenzhen Industrial and Information Technology Committee, deputy director of Mr. Li Zhongxiang subsequent speech, he mentioned: “Shenzhen City, the country’s significant electronic details business base, last year’s municipal government will focus on establishing issues networking business as the 3 main emerging industries 1. City departments are in ‘the wisdom of Shenzhen’ analysis and planning, factors like network industries, especially constructing components network has a new breakthrough, alter the way then to market the improvement, implementation of scientific development. “he stated,” These days Shenzhen Air Transport Association, the units in this seminar, to discuss the future of air transport Web of factors, will market the Internet of issues related to units of exchange and cooperation, and to promote the air transport logistics information processes and technical requirements harmonization, organization model to market the establishment and perfection of wisdom. ” Executive Vice President of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Institute of

Mr. Liu Yan and Shenzhen Airport Authority deputy director of Site visitors and Transport Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Airport Director Mr. Yang Xing also delivered speeches respectively. Their “wisdom of Shenzhen,” Air Transport properties of electronic invoices and wireless sensor networking Net of Items will market the organization of congratulations and hope as a new beginning point for closer networking market, air transport links with the object, and then push the complete industrial chain of communication and cooperation, accelerate the building of the logistics public data platform.