Shenzhen Footwear Industries In The Final Quarter Employment Gap 800 000


HC Shoe News Network on February two, Shenzhen, “the fourth quarter of 2009, the labor industry supply and demand analysis”, published yesterday, show that the number of labor demand in the fourth quarter of final year reached 1.944 million, job number 1125000, Qiurenbeishuai 1.72, employment gap of 81.9 million.

Analysis pointed out that as the economy recovers, Shenzhen, competitive wages, a new generation of migrant workers in Liaoning, Midwest City employment change and the increase of space is the “recruitment challenging,” the main reason. Shenzhen City People’s Social Council, stated it at present estimates to adjust the minimum wage to alleviate the unemployment difficulty, but the particular measures to be determined right after the government reported.

To Recall? Pearl River Delta “recruitment challenging” function harder to recruit basic

According to labor industry info shows that because the second half of 2009, export-oriented enterprises with foreign Order Gradual recovery, company and employment requirements of follow up, Shenzhen’s “challenging recruitment” phenomenon, mainly in manufacturing.

The information, the labor industry and employment requirements of Shenzhen from June to December showed a trend of monthly improve, Qiurenbeishuai months from June 1.14,9 1.82 from 1.43 to 12 month, rose to the highest point of the year. From the market viewpoint, the fourth quarter of 2009, manufacturing employment accounted for 49.4% of demand.

The first quarter of 2009, about 169 million job-seekers entering the fourth quarter, only 1.12 million, at the finish of the starting of approach than the quantity of job seekers decreased by 33.7%, in particular the typical work.

Report pointed out that the “recruitment troubles” is mostly export-oriented economy primarily based and other economically developed Pearl River Delta region and the other financial regions no apparent shortage of laborers.

The most skilled workers in brief provide

Dinko said the employment scenario in Shenzhen can not be merely classified as “missing workers”, is a “hard recruitment troubles”.

From a gender viewpoint, women are comparatively short. Evaluation showed that the gender employment removing the specifications for guys Qiurenbeilv 1.02, females two.27.

From the academic point of view, vocational college, technical college, secondary school students than the short. The fourth quarter of higher college diploma Qiurenbeishuai 1.87, of which vocational higher college, technical schools, technical secondary school of Qiurenbeishuai 2.23 technical level the greater the less difficult to discover a job, vocational tertiary qualification (sophisticated skills) and vocational secondary qualifications (technician) position The Qiurenbeishuai three.14 and two.20, respectively, demand for skilled workers become a lot more scarce.

From the industry point of view, the lack of manufacturing the most men and women. “Recruitment is hard,” primarily in low-tech architectural decoration, Electronic Appliances, Toy , Footwear, Hardware And other labor-intensive industries.

Quantity of words Labor demand recovery Financial Pre-crisis levels

2009 fourth quarter of the year, the number of Shenzhen labor market place demand for the 1.944 million the preceding quarter sequential development of 14.eight million, an improve of eight.25%. Meanwhile, the quantity of job seekers is only 1.125 million, a lower the earlier quarter 265 000 chain, a decrease of 19.03%. Qiurenbeilv 1.72 (a job corresponding to 1.72 jobs), employment gap for the 819,000.

Shenzhen Ding Xin Human Resource Department chief, mentioned this indicates that employment requirements of the labor industry in Shenzhen has been restored to the level ahead of the economic crisis. Ahead of the crisis, every single quarter, about 40 million job shortfall, Qiurenbeilv have been a lot more than 1.28.

Why hard?

Wage competitive view of a new generation of workers who modify careers