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tags For the upkeep of infrastructure and the safety of construction workers, and promote the wholesome improvement of valve sector, the State Administration of Top quality Supervision lately organized the safety valve for national item top quality supervision and spot checks had taken in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan other five provinces, 24 municipalities production of 24 goods (not related to exports), the merchandise good quality sampling price of 96.3% certified.

By the sampling According to Advised national normal GB/T12241-2005 “safety valve General needs”, GB/T12242-2005 “pressure relief device test technique”, GB/T12243-2005 ” Spring Loaded security valves “requirements, the product of the security valve shell strength, tightness, set pressure, discharge pressure or a lot more stress, back pressure or hoist seat pressure, mechanical properties, emission or discharge coefficient, opening height, the valve logo, look top quality of ten things was examined. Upon examination, the sampling valve of the shell strength, tightness, set stress, displacement or displacement coefficient index single line price of one hundred%.

Sample discovered in the principal high quality issues are: 1. Unsatisfactory mechanical properties of individual merchandise. Mechanical properties is the equipment in the operate, the security valve have to be stable, should be no frequency hopping, no chatter, no card blocking and so on. Spot checks in the mechanical properties of person items appears chatter.

2. Individual solution emission or discharge coefficient failure. GB/T12243-2005 ” Spring Loaded security valves “advised national requirements need that the security valve discharge coefficient ought to meet or exceed the nameplate specified value. Spot checks of individual items in the discharge procedure, the emissions amounted to less than the standard requirements.

three. Person item discharge pressure failed. GB/T12243-2005 “Spring loaded security valve,” a advisable national normal, safety valve discharge pressure need to not exceed 1.1 times the set stress (gas) or 1.two times the set pressure (fluid). Spot checks in the individual solution discharge stress exceeds the standard specifications, inside a specified time can not release the stress.

four. Unqualified Return Pressure on person goods. GB/T12243-2005 “Spring loaded safety valve,” a suggested national normal, the security valve of the back seat stress higher than 85% of set stress (gas), or 80% of set stress (liquid). Spot checks of individual merchandise back seat stress not up to standard specified value, the gear will be discharged from within the media, resulting in power waste and environmental pollution.

five. To open a high degree of failure of individual items. Open the higher-impact safety valve emissions, safety valve in the action, the valve ought to be opened and enhanced valve, so as quickly as feasible to defend the gear will be pressure inside the release time to reduce emissions, aid facilities, pipeline safety.

GB/T12243-2005 “Spring loaded security valve,” a advisable national normal, the valve opening height shall be not much less than a quarter of the valve throat diameter (gas) or 1 tenth of the valve throat diameter (liquid). Spot checks of individual items meet the normal opening height requirements.

For sampling the primary top quality problems identified, the AQSIQ has instructed the quality and technical supervision departments more than item good quality strictly in accordance with law and other relevant laws and regulations, failure of product top quality of the sample organizations and the law, the deadline rectification. Meanwhile, very good top quality spot checks of enterprises, intensify propaganda and guide consumption. AQSIQ will continue to track solution high quality, security valve checks to promote security valve business, raise the level of all round top quality.