Scientists say: low people are more aggressive (but this is not what you thought)

Scientists say: low people are more aggressive (but this is not what you thought)

Scientists say: low people are more aggressive (but this is not what you thought)

It is considered that low people are complex because of growth, and this necessarily affects their behavior. But is there really a “Napoleon complex”? And do we compensate for the lack of height by aggressiveness and selfishness? Scientists say that yes. But this is manifested, however, not in the form that is constantly being talked about.

A new study published by the Association for Psychological Science (USA) suggests that, although it is difficult to call low people generally more aggressive than high, they are prone to indirect aggression. Especially in cases when it comes to competition for resources of low men with higher ones.

As noted in the work, previous studies have shown that tall men, it seems, can count on more life bonuses. So, they tend to boast better health indicators and a higher level of education, as well as a more impressive professional status. Analysis of the data showed that it is high men who are more likely to take positions of authority, plus, women usually consider them more attractive .

In a new study to analyze the ratio of low men to high, the scientists used the game. First they conducted an experimental study involving men and women. The participants were asked to answer the question whether their growth seemed to be too small at some time, and then offered to take as many coins as they wanted from a special box. So it was possible to see that “small” men always took more coins (this effect was not found for women).

At the second stage of the experiment, only men participated in the games, which are important – they saw each other. Here, scientists found that “small” men in exchanging coins left more for themselves, compared with “big” men. In particular, if low men kept in their piggy bank an average of 14 out of 18 coins, then the highest participant left in it only 9 coins.

 Researchers explain that the small men in the game were not  more greedy or aggressive . This is what allowed them to say that low men change their behavior to a more selfish and, perhaps, more aggressive only when they need to protect resources in confronting a more competitive physically representative of their own sex. And only when there is no chance of negative consequences (as in the case of the game).

Thus, someone low will never show aggression towards you just because of growth. But growth, however, can cause a person (at least a man) to become unobviously aggressive towards you, if you are also a man and if he feels a little small.

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