Science explained why women regret having casual sex

Irresponsible sexual behavior 

Irresponsible sexual behavior

Casual sex, as, perhaps, an occasional kiss – a momentary weakness that can turn into uncomfortable sensations in a few days or a few weeks. It is generally believed that men easily relate to casual relationships. And research confirms that in most cases this is the case. And what about women?

Previous studies have shown that women regret casual sex more often and stronger than men. Moreover, it is not about the fact that they did not like something. On the contrary, everything could be more than ideal, only the female propensity for analysis invariably leads to the idea that: a) a decent girl should not behave that way, or b) he used me, and now he does not even call. However, these are only vectors, because there are much more variations on the topic.

A new study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) does not refute this data, but it makes a curious conclusion: if a woman herself initiated a random sex, and sex was good, she experiences this much less. Or does not worry at all.

Before stating this, scientists interviewed 547 Norwegian and 216 American students under the age of 30 who confirmed that the main gender-differentiating factor for regret after casual sex is who exactly took the first step. It was also possible to establish that women are less sorry for what happened if they really liked the partner.

“Women who can initiate casual sex have at least two qualities that distinguish them from women who can not do it,” commented David Buss, a professor at the University of Texas. – Firstly, they, most likely, have healthy sexual psychology, they are really comfortable with their sexuality. Secondly, they probably can choose from several men. ”

According to the authors of the study, the results are again reminiscent of how important it is for women to be able to make autonomous decisions about sexual behavior. “Regret is an extremely unpleasant emotion. And the loss of control over their own sexual behavior, as we see, makes women experience it, “adds Joy P. Wyckoff of the University of Texas.

It is also clear that the sexual competence of a partner plays an important role in all this. “We see that women less regret their weakness if sex was good. For men, this is traditionally less important, and the reasons for this are biological, “explains co-author Mons Bendixen. The point is that women invest more in sex, albeit random because they always have the chance to become pregnant.

The researchers also found that the main reason why both men and women regretted the accidental connection was “a feeling of disgust”. Basically, it concerned the moral side of the issue, but sometimes the respondents said that sex was “unhygienic” or “too rude”. “Sexual aversion is an important adaptive emotion,” concludes Professor Buss. “It functions to help people avoid, now or in the future, unsuitable sexual partners.”

Interestingly, although Norwegian students were less likely to have casual sex than the American, the reasons for regret in the two groups were almost identical.

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