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tags HC HVAC &amp R Network Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd. to seize the national saving and emission reduction and economic restructuring, the historical opportunity, in 2009 a year of new product development of environmentally friendly power-saving 16 of them received a National Science Award, Outstanding Invention Municipal Innovation Award 3 things, higher-tech items account for a lot more than 80% of sales, has created national and New Technologies Enterprises in China’s refrigeration market new model of low-carbon economy to seize the initiative on the beginning line.

Considering that final year, Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration face of the international monetary crisis, the impact on organization, to grasp the direction of the world economy, to power conservation as a key corporate social duty, take the energy saving technologies goods for the center of innovation, win new company development opportunities. More than the previous year, the company has developed a LiBr heat pump, gas utilization unit, low grade I (waste) heat the steam engine group, corrosion resistant stainless steel unit, coke oven gas-distinct direct-fired unit, multi-use machines and special type three a series of explosion-proof units of power utilization, power conservation, renewable power target of new merchandise, in numerous locations to fill gaps in international and domestic, to lead the future development of China’s environmental protection air conditioner market place direction. Its merchandise are broadly used in oil, chemical market, chemical fiber, thermal energy, steel, petrochemical, and other key national power-saving projects, and purchasing malls, hospitals, schools, airports, railway stations and other fields.

“Lead” comes from the correct trends predict. Promote energy conservation in the country at the beginning, this enterprise will recognize a low-carbon economic development model, will alter the marketplace demand structure. Accordingly, the Sanyo Refrigeration self-developed China’s initial direct-fired absorption heat pump DG-63GMHP unit of CNOOC Bohai Sea in Tanggu, Tianjin Port a debugging accomplishment as bromine cooler products in the domestic waste heat, waste heat applications of a breakthrough. The unit for 5.12 million kcal heat to meet the heating needs of 90,000 square meters, set by recycling 30 ~ 40 heat geothermal tail water, the heating water heated from 50 to 70 ~ 80 , replaced in the past way of making use of the steam boiler heating, power saving 40%, and geothermal water temperature decreased to about 20 , its stability, energy savings obtained by customers, but also as a model for energy conservation project functions for the oil, petrochemical, and other transformation of power saving industrial and mining projects in a productive model for instance. The organization Honeywell Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai and the use of R &amp D R &amp D units of smoke, but also domestic achievement of the breakthrough. The project company for the first time making use of the stress of flue gas flow manage technology, inverter technologies, load regulation technologies, the method matches the quantity of new handle technology, special technologies. Use of waste heat generated by the laboratory smoke, for the building area of 7,000 square meters R &amp D Centre developing to give air conditioning and heat supply, compared to the transformation of the former use of air-cooled heat pump chiller, air-conditioning in operating expense savings of 27 million yuan . The project is Honeywell’s global focus on power-saving projects by the United States Honeywell headquarters, the Shanghai municipal government concentrate. Meanwhile, the company’s newly developed merchandise contain: the use of untreated gas do coke oven gas certain heat of the direct-fired unit, can be cooling, heating, sanitary hot water for a machine with three straight multi-function type gas turbine, using chemical fiber plant waste heat steam group as properly as petrochemical esterification, specific explosion-proof specifications of specialized industries and locations such as research and development of unique explosion-proof units.

At present, Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration goods, has chosen power efficient merchandise state government procurement list, the company’s national post-doctoral study station, is engaged in the domestic major level of heat use in the analysis and investigation and development of solar power air-conditioning. Higher level of reserves a number of projects for companies in low-carbon financial development model of sustainable development laid a strong foundation.