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2010 Deep Study Report on Global and China CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Business was specialist and depth analysis report on worldwide and China CIGS thin film solar cell market.this report has introduced virtually all international and China CIGS projects, integrated CIGS project background, CIGS gear sources, CIGS manufacturing procedure, CIGS thin film solar cell product specifications, CIGS module capacity and production, capacity expansion,CIGS module promoting cost, manufacturing price, profit margin etc connected data. In addition to commercial production projects, the report also introduced developing or preparing CIGS projects,in a word, practically all CIGS projects were included in this report. Then, the report introduced international and China CIGS production,demand,supply and demand relation,typical promoting price tag,price,profit margin and 2010-2014 improvement trend. in addition to this.the report has introduced CIGS manufacturing method (Co-Evaporation,Sputtering Selenization,Printing Selenization,Electrodeposition Selenization and so forth), CIGS Equipments(many equipment suppliers and their equipment specifications),in the end, we introduced CIGS project Feasibility evaluation and connected research conclusions. In a word, CIGS has become ideal solar cell invested solution evaluate to other PV supplies, as time go on, CIGS module efficiency will continue escalating and its 2009 average about 12% which is greater than 2008 about 10%.and some middle line solution reach about 16%-17%, their industrial product efficiency was close to crystalline silicon solar cell and the identical time, CIGS module cost has significantly minimize, some equipment suppliers mentioned that their item line could reduce their manufacturing cost to about .8USD/Watt. and thanks for CIGS technology improvement and expense reduction, Japan Solar Frontier hope turn out to be worldwide Second 1st Solar.and Solar Frontier was carrying out their GW class expansion of CIGS business.more and more news showed CIGS is becoming a rare bright spot in the field of solar power,as CIGS raw supplies equipment module and so on connected sub-industry chain improvement,QYResearch believed CIGS would become the much better solar cell or module with high efficiency low cost and massive scale capacity.

In a word, it was a depth research report on Worldwide and China CIGS thin film solar cell market. And thanks to the assistance and help from CIGS business chain associated authorities and enterprises in the course of QYResearch Solar Power Group survey and interview.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Overview 1

1.1 Definition of CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell 1

1.two Classification and Application 4

1.3 Sector Chain Structure 4

1.four Difference in between CIGS and Other Solar Cell 5

Chapter Two Manufacture Technologies and Processes of CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell 6

2.1 CIGS Manufacturing Technologies Overview six

2.1.1 Multicomponent Co-Evaporation(Vacuum Processes) 9

two.1.2 Sputtering+Selenization (Vacuum Processes) 12

two.1.3 Printing (Non-Vacuum Processes) 14

two.1.4 Electrideposition (Non-Vacuum Processes) 15

two.two CIGS Process and Equipment Evaluation 17

2.3 CIGS Gear List 20

two.4 CIGS Detection Equipment List 21

two.5 CIGS BOM(Bill Of Material) 22

Chapter Three CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Productions Provide Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 22

3.1 CIGS Productions Overview 22

three.two CIGS International Manufacturer Market place Share 27

three.3 CIGS China Manufacturer Market place Share 28

3.two Worldwide and China CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Demand 29

3.3 Provide and Demand of International and China CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell 30

3.4 CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Price Value Value Efficiency Profit Margin 30

Chapter Four CIGS Manufactuers 31

four.1 Showa Shell Solar(Solar Frontier) (Japan) CuInSe2 31

4.two Worldwide Solar Energy (US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 37

four.three Wrth Solar (Germany) CuInSe2 42

four.four Solibro Solar(Q-CELL) (Germany) Cu(lnGa)Se2 48

4.5 Honda Soltec(Japan)Cu(lnGa)Se2 53

4.6 Miasol (US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 58

4.7 Johanna Solar Technology (Germany) Cu(lnGa)(SSe)two 62

four.8 Odersun(China AT&ampM) (Germany) Flexible CISCut 67

four.9 Sulfurcell (Germany) CulnSe2 71

four.ten AVANCIS(Shell Solar) (Germany) CulnSe2 76

4.11 Nanosolar (US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 81

four.12 Ascent Solar(US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 87

4.13 Sunvim Solar (Shandong China) Cu(lnGa)(SSe)2 91

4.14 SoloPower (US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 95

four.15 Jenn Feng New Energy (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 99

4.16 Sunshine PV(Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 103

4.17 Axuntek Solar (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 108

four.18 Ritek Solar (Ritek and Scheuten) (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 111

4.19 AUO (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 115

four.20 Daiyang Metal(South Korea)Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 119

four.20.1 CIGS Project Overvie 119

4.20.2 Project Strategy and Forecast 120

4.21 HelioVolt (US) Cu(lnGa)Se2 120

four.22 DayStar (US) Cu(lnGa)Se2 123

four.23 Flisom (Switzerland) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 126

four.24 Nanowin (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 130

four.25 Other individuals 133

four.25.1 CIS Solartechnik (Germany) CIS 133

4.25.two Istar Solar (Italy) Versatile CIGS 134

4.25.3 Scheuten Solar (Netherlands) CIS 137

4.25.four Shurjo Power Private (India) CIGS 137

four.25.5 Solyndra (US) Tube-Shaped CIGS 138

4.25.six CIS Solartechnik (Germany) CIS 143

4.25.7 CIS Scientific (Canada) Versatile CIS 143

4.25.eight InterPhases Solar (US) Flexible CIS 145

four.25.9 ISET (US) Versatile CIGS 146

4.25.ten PVflex Solar (Germany) Flexible CIGS 146

Chapter 5 CIGS Constructing and Planing Projects 148

five.1 All-natural Supply Energy Systems (Beijing China)Cu(lnGa)Se2 149

five.1.1 CIGS Project Overvie 150

5.1.2 Project Strategy and Forecast 150

five.2 GroupSat Solar (Suzhou China) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 151

5.2.1 CIGS Project Overvie 151

5.2.two Project Plan and Forecast 151

five.3 Guangzhou Huamao(Baiyun District Guangzhou) 152

5.three.1 CIGS Project Overvie 152

5.three.two Project Strategy and Forecast 153

5.4 Huitong Guarantee (Panzhihua Sichuan) 153

5.4.1 CIGS Project Overvie 153

five.four.two Project Program and Forecast 154

five.5 ARION(Jinzhou) 154

5.five.1 CIGS Project Overvie 154

five.five.two Project Strategy and Forecast 155

5.6 Weihai China Glass Solar(Weihai) 155

five.6.1 CIGS Project Overvie 155

5.six.2 Project Strategy and Forecast 156

five.7 Shanxi Hongshen PV New Power (Shanxi) 156

five.7.1 CIGS Project Overvie 156

five.7.2 Project Plan and Forecast 159

five.8 Shangke PV (Guilin) 159

5.eight.1 CIGS Project Overvie 159

five.8.two Project Strategy and Forecast 160

five.9 Yanyuan PV(Henan) CIGS 160

5.9.1 CIGS Project Overvie 160

5.9.2 Project Program and Forecast 163

5.ten Suwan Solar(Anhui) 163

five.ten.1 CIGS Project Overvie 163

five.10.2 Project Strategy and Forecast 165

5.11 Quandong Solar(Nanjing) 165

5.11.1 CIGS Project Overvie 165

5.11.two Project Plan and Forecast 169

5.12 Chuanghui Optical (Fujian Quanzhou) 169

5.12.1 CIGS Project Overvie 169

5.12.2 Project Plan and Forecast 170

Chapter Six CIGS Gear Suppliers 170

6.1 Veeco (US) 171

six.2 Centrotherm(FHR) (Germany) 172

six.3 ULVAC (Japan) 174

6.four XsunX (US) 174

6.5 Amelio Solar(RESI) (US) 175

six.6 Nanowin (Taiwan) 177

6.7 GPM (Taiwan) 180

Chapter Seven Feasibility Analysis of China New CIGS Thin Film Project 180

7.1 Chance and Risk of China 50MW CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Project 180

7.two Feasibility Evaluation of China 50MW CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Project 181

Chapter Eight CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Study Conclusions 209

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