Samsung Washing Machine Customer Trends Increasingly Outstanding Care Both Welcome 51


Analysis center, according to the Web customer research shows that compared to same period final year, in 2010 the domestic market roller

Washing machine

Issues the proportion elevated by virtually 10%, thousands of washing machines with the following solution concern about the reduce of 11.three%, even though far more than 3,000 merchandise by price issues is to increase the proportion of 14.7%.

Can be observed from the information, the washing machine industry, consumption traits of superb customer trends have steadily appeared. The so-named optimal consumption trend, that is the customer willing to spend greater costs for far better high quality products. Expressed in the washing machine buy, the brand and high quality have turn into the major demands of both customers. Brand and reputation is an crucial consumer option targets but in terms of high quality, greater strength and better protect clean garments function of the primary criteria for consumers to measure.


Washing machine

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Recent award-winning Samsung washing machine, by continually improving the brand reputation, and product quality, technological content material and worth in use, substantially enhancing the solution in the higher-end market place share, and firmly grasp the trend of shoppers superb consumer psychology.

In China, Samsung has been adhering to the “Chinese people adore to do organization and contribute to social enterprises in China” brand philosophy, and the continuous practice of realizing this idea. April 14 an earthquake Yushu in Qinghai Province, Samsung took the initiative, 10 million donation to the earthquake-stricken locations, as

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Foreign trade in the first contribution, the largest international organizations. In truth, the feedback of Chinese society and the want for social responsibility, Samsung has in no way hesitated, by no means stopped.

Samsung washing machine double enjoy

welcome 51

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Good brand reputation, but also call for higher good quality goods as help. In product R &amp D, Samsung washing machine by way of a deep insight into customer psychology, nursing clothing in clean power and function to uphold bold innovation, has introduced the “diamond-sort inner core”, “hot air fresh,” and other functions, with its super clean energy, and the meticulous care of clothes for shoppers to appreciate outstanding laundry.

The face of the upcoming “51”


Season, Samsung as soon as once again took the lead the introduction of several new consumer feedback. Range of its most recent item WD0704CQR other washing machines are now available, these new technologies not only have an current private care, adding a assortment of human functional style, such as the door rings, large mouth and thin physique cast clothes, etc., greatly hassle-free for buyers to use.

Introduction of new products in addition to other

, Samsung also launched a comprehensive “Chelsea passion, passion sales season” activities. The promotion, Samsung, as often, beginning from the basic needs of consumers, the significant property appliance stores in the nation to get Samsung drying Series

Washing Machine

Not only to get back to the present supply, will be effectively-identified brand stainless steel racks, also for other various series, various types of washing machines, Samsung have developed a range of special delivers, all 51 customers throughout the obtain of Samsung washing machine will be good quality gifts.

“Some brand it, so have been some slick promotional gimmicks, Samsung is worthy of fantastic brands, promotions more on our appetite, get something very excellent top quality, not only beautiful but also sturdy.” Housewives Ms Wong told reporters.

Consumer demands, is Samsung’s pursuit. Firmly grasp the present, to a better future. Samsung believes that the face of buyers searching for higher high quality goods, Samsung will continue its efforts to make unremitting efforts.