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tags HC Network Security Lately, the University of Electronic Science and Technologies, Zhongshan University student Alan found his pc speeds grow to be very slow, he worried that she was rubbing net. Common “rub net family members” has appeared Zhongshan? Reporter interviewed identified that “Rub Card” in Zhongshan major pc retailers sell excellent. Numerous men and women believe that, “rub net” is a low-cost chic petty behavior Expert But that it is tantamount to self-dug trap.

In the electronic industry, it is straightforward to get the rub network equipment
Investigation: “Rub Card” can rub network signal inside four km
River in China Digital Plaza, Sun City, Digital Square, also some to sell laptop parts and assembly of laptop-based organization sellers do not know “Rub Card” what, when reporters put it another way, “Card King” “Card King”, the majority of organization network cards, routers, sellers will mysteriously from behind the counter, out under such Solution . It is understood that, “Rub Card” in Zhongshan key laptop retailers sell good.

“This card is not legal, so it will not put the counter best.” Cyber Plaza, Sun City, a shop owner out of two Peng, “Rub Card”, a 180, another 260 yuan. This reporter saw a package called the WINNING items printed “hyperlink your globe to every-exactly where” the Advertisement Language. As for the other, a Taiwanese production of “Rub Card”, Peng mentioned the boss, “can be received within 2000 meters radius of the wireless network signal.”

I tried a “Rub Card”, will this card into the personal computer USB interface, install the antenna gain, quickly search far more than 1 nearby wireless network signal, and then crack the disc via a crack the password, that is, can break the password of these networks to realize “rub net.” University of Electronic Science and Technologies

Personal computer Engineering, Zhongshan University Teacher Xu Xiang explained Rub Card operates. “For much more than 1 laptop needs access to the World wide web, many units and households a wireless router. In the wireless router can be set to automatically dial-up account, password, the user will set the skilled point of a layer of safety protocols, but frequently non-skilled users set security protocols. so, my network card to a neighbor’s network can get the signal, as quickly as I can crack wireless router to their account password, you can line up with their network. “on the market referred to as” card King, “” Card King “of Rub Card is not a standard wireless card, its wonderful power is usually more than 10 occasions standard network card, and with specialist crack software program.

Professionals advise: beware Hacker Intentionally “was rubbing Network”
Petty low cost face a significant loss. “Rub net” Net access fees and steal in order to save those who take other people’s networks, not being aware of he is quite easily be discovered, prosecuted, or even an inattentive hackers will fall into a “trap.”

If indicted, “rub loved ones of nets” to bear any Law Responsibility? Cheng Yu Bin lawyers that the “rub net” is equal to theft of public sources to pay, ought to be a civil infringement, but also disrupt the telecom market place order, if a particular quantity of loss caused to criminal liability.

And Xu Xiang from Network Security Elements of reasoning, “rub loved ones of nets” in the Internet by way of someone else’s router when their different network account and password are “becoming rub” mark on the wireless router, so the occasion with expert experience “is rubbing net are “equivalent to his personal account and password more than to people. In truth, the hacker organization several years ago proposed a wireless “fishing” the concept, also posted a trap named Airsnarf wireless network computer software. Some hackers intentionally bring laptops coffee shops, quickly food restaurants and other public places “was rubbing network”, as soon as the rub loved ones of nets routed by means of the Internet pc hackers will be tempted or even forced to pay a visit to a number of hanging Virus The site, its on the internet banking, Paypal account and password may possibly be stolen, gained practically nothing in the anti-erosion meter.

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