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tags Anything bigger and leave, the much more pressure, the decrease the cost, vicious competition, the sector is not often eliminate the curse, “can rotate 360 degrees mop drag the very good God, no matter what corner, corners can be dragged clean, and, mop head into the dewatering tank, stepped on their feet for a slot on the speedy dehydration of rotation, the wet dry, to wet and dry dual-use, drag is no longer excellent in the wet. “just before she had got employed After rotating mop, full of praise.

From the earliest cloth mop to push the later flat rubber cotton mop, and additional development to the present rotating mop, mop cleaning out the revolution to bring convenience to the public, but also to bring huge enterprise opportunities in our city. This year alone, the city has far more than 150 enterprises on foot in the business, to now, the city’s day-to-day output of the rotating mop a lot more than 70,000, ranks the top nation. However, the throat value competition intensified, so that a single value of a lot more than 120 yuan from the end of final year all the way down to 40 yuan, has caused all be profitable up.

Rotating mop to Yongkang Bring fantastic company opportunities

Rotating mop was very first developed by Taiwan in an enterprise, and because of this conventional mop mop unparalleled benefits, but also due to the fact with Machinery Principles of power-saving capital, one came on by the majority of shoppers, and quickly swept the globe. At that time, despite the fact that costly, the cost of every single up to 498 yuan, but the fire is nevertheless sold in the marketplace, and businesses no time production.

Final September, Yongkang Automobile Co., Ltd. and other fun injection to capture business from the industry opportunities in this huge and quickly launched the project, far more than 120 yuan every single to the industry, it is also sold fire up. Exciting automobile industry Xiong Hu, basic manager, said: “We are the original production of conventional mop and businesses folding and to folding-based. The second half of last year due to Financial Crisis, folding bike business is not great to do such a excellent time just identified a new business, which everyday supplies from the financial crisis, rapidly turned to the production of this new solution. “

Then, the city of many injection molding company and foreign trade enterprises have to stick to suit and on the quickly expanding scale, developed into the largest production base of rotating mop. By now, the city has a total of 150 enterprises involved in everyday production a lot more than in 3000, there are hundreds of small to the city’s total everyday output in the 70 000 or more.

[Read extended] Enterprises are struggling to create new goods support

Face disorderly competitors, a number of informal enterprises nonetheless create top quality and quantity of goods. Sector and Trade Co., Ltd. in Ho Shijie I saw, Chen Wei Army a dehydration barrel following dropping to hold higher the head, falls to the ground “Bang, bang,” bang, buckets are intact. Vehicle Business Co., Ltd. in the exciting, the individuals standing Hu Xiong dehydration barrel even jump a number of times, “Bang, bang bang bang” of the handful of instances, and men and women stepped up only slightly changed soon after the barrel flat, but intact, men and women look to, prototype of the barrel is swiftly resumed.

Then, these informal enterprises, how to deal with the impact of low-priced competition? Apart started their own brands, the best way is to consistently create new merchandise. If entertaining auto industry develop scalable rotating mop manage, connection manage much more than the original straightforward and handy. Hao Shi-jie improvement of aluminum Gear Dewatering tank, than the original Plastic Gear is a lot more tough, and for various consumer demands, develop dehydration stunning bright color barrel. Via continuous development of new items, the production value of the solution will stay at 50 yuan, up 55 yuan higher. Chen Wei Jun stated: “We all own production of plastic components, such prices are a bit little income, if the components are entrusted foreign co-makers, we can not assure this was.”

Therefore, while they are searching forward to the implementation of the new national normal as soon as achievable the other hand, searching out of the lead government departments to kind trade associations, professional associations to regulate the industry to rely on the order of competition. Hu Xiong stated: “Every household in this item are necessary, the amount is quite massive, as extended as we can regulate the production enterprises, the improvement prospects are very promising.”

Disorderly competitors in the solution high quality variation

We stick to the trend of the development of competing, the number of tiny enterprises jerry-constructing, huh throat price competition, the quest for low rates, poor good quality of the quest. Market and Trade Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Chen Shi-Jie Hao Wei army clearly bear in mind, in February this year, the price is still 80 per over the previous couple of months, and now several companies place prices about 50 yuan, 40 yuan as extended as the lowest. “Just the expense to every single of the necessary 50 dollars, they can put such a low price, totally dependent on cutting corners.” Wei Jun Chen told reporters, “We use all the new plastic material, the value to ten,000 yuan per ton over they all go back to material, as lengthy as four or five thousand dollars per ton, every alone can lessen the cost of more than ten yuan. In addition, we use stainless steel pipe, they use stainless iron. We use absorbent cotton yarn, Expand for a lot more than 40 cm in diameter, they utilised poor cloth and expand the following 38 cm in diameter. ” This produced poor jerry

mop, a tiny bigger force on the broken, the most vulnerable are dehydrated barrel, carry her accidentally falling in the hands of the opinions on broken, dehydration trough is not transferred with the foot a few the.

Set new standards not yet in operation

To curb disorderly competition, to guarantee product good quality, this year in July, the national top quality inspection division to invite fun Automobile Co., Ltd. and other organizations involved in the improvement of national requirements specialists. Hu Xiong mentioned: “The newly defined set of national requirements, to all the new plastic material, not allowed to go back to feed. Bucket over the weight to 950 grams. Life of at least six months, that dewatering tank 140 per day transfer of dollars, to turn in more than 25 000. absorbent cotton started not less than 40 cm in diameter. “

Nonetheless, the new requirements set by not formally implemented, is nevertheless inferior to the jerry can not be bound. Several barrels of production of dehydrated weight 770 g much less, a little 1 click on the stuck hands went.

Hao Shi-jie mop to high quality, revolutionary style has won a lot of repeat customers. Lately, the Northeast about a buyer to the business is 30000 of the massive single.

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